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Saturday, 21 March 2020

Day 7 of Social Distancing!

Saturday 21st March 2020
The comeback is always stronger than the setback.

Well we're losing all concept of time in this house, up at 4.30am this morning but I think I was in bed and asleep before 9pm so not so bad and although the sleep isn't completely sound, it's rest.  I'm trying not to watch the news more than once a day, but am guilty of going to the BBC website as soon as I get up to see what's happening and check the figures, which is a bid morbid I guess but I can't help myself, it's a time to be concerned.

Yesterday  3,269 confirmed cases,  643 new cases, UK deaths 144
Today 3,983 confirmed cases, 714 new cases, UK deaths 177

And this is just confirmed cases, so many people have said to me that they think I had it last month, so there's bound to be more, which is proof that we do have to take the self isolating and social distancing seriously.  https://www.bbc.co.uk/news/av/health-51966112/coronavirus-what-is-social-distancing here's a Great 1 minute video about social distancing.

It's been 7 days since I last ran a physical workshop, this time last week I was getting ready to go to work and we were joking about it!  Little did we know what would happen next....  I for one am so glad that I can work from home, it may be a little strange and I may be missing seeing all my members but thankfully with these virtual workshops I'm getting to check in with as many of them that want to.  I'm on today at 9.45pm (access from the Wolverhampton Connect Group on WW app, make sure you've downloaded Zoom). I'm on with Elle too, so that will be great as we both do Saturday morning workshops and we have known each other for a very long time, 15 years since she walked into my workshop as a member - wow where's those years gone!

Working from home and social distancing does come with it's own challenges, for me mom seems to be a little more confused because my sister isn't coming as often and although she usually moans about her coming it appears she likes her coming!  I have to work from my office so she wonders where I've gone and thinks I've gone out, especially as Alfie tends to follow me so she thinks she's home alone.

Other challenges which are more likely to affect you too, are the working from home thing, you need to set boundaries and have allocated work times, I haven't done that this week, I've worked pretty much 24/7 meh, well, 15/7, I turn my phone off when I go to bed.  This has been because it was such short notice and there's been so much to do, once it's all settled a little and there's time structures, it'll calm down and I'll work more structurally.

Not sitting round in our PJ's, this is a lethal idea, if we can't feel our work clothes are getting tighter, we'll be in trouble when we can return to a normal work life.  Routine, we all need to establish one to suit our situations.

That spare time you would've had to go out and have fun with your loved ones, use it constructively.  Oh and remember you can still go out at get some fresh air if you're not self isolating.  I was going to do the bathroom upstairs yesterday but I didn't, instead I spent some much needed time with mom and rested, I also took Alfie out 3 times,

This was Alfie on the park with Ted, completely ignoring the new social distancing direction!

It was lovely to see him play though, if I can I'll co-ordinate with Kel to try and get it to happen more often so he can interact with other dogs, ooo maybe now my Bestie is off work, she can meet us too!  I do think that's what they call an upside to a bad situation.   Trying to make the most of all this!  It was only half hour, but he really enjoyed it and mom was okay for that length of time.

Foodwise, I had melon for my breakfast with yogurt, got mom to have some melon too, put a bit of syrup on it to encourage her.  For dinner I had mash topped with a bit of cheese and WW beans.  I did indulge in a packet of Walkers and I'm guilty of picking a bit more than I probably would, opening the fridge, taking a bite of cheese, I made the mistake of buying some Boursin, oh that stuffs so good, but 40g is 7SP OUCH!

Super Dave came to my rescue and delivered me a chicken and some stewing steak, plus Persil bless him, he really is a super star.  I'm going to make a stew today and we can have a chicken dinner tomorrow now.  Then next week, I'm going to sort my kitchen cupboards and meal plan from them.  It's a good time to have a good Spring Clean all round.  Can you believe yesterday was the start of Spring, now some sunshine would be amazing, a mini heatwave next week so folks could sunbathe in their garden, that'd be nice.

Mom's on good form this morning, she's much better in a morning, just asked for a second cup of tea, she made my sister a lovely birthday greeting video yesterday too.  Hopefully she'll stay good for as long as possible today, she started to switch around 4 yesterday, wanted to go home, she's really struggling with that, thinks that even if this is our house, they've moved it to wherever we are now.  So difficult to have that conversation and decide how to handle it, yesterday she was going to pinch stuff she liked and take with home with her when she goes home tomorrow lol, so at least her true nature hasn't disappeared, she always has been a little tea leaf, many a time when we've stayed in cottages she's wanted to pinch things that caught her eye, proper magpie she is!

Anyway, I better get on with my day, I've got to get ready for my virtual workshop, I really do hope lots of my members log on and support me and each other.

Here's to make today a great one in some ways.

Mwah, luv ya

Love me xx

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