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Monday, 23 March 2020

Starting a very different kind of week

Monday 23rd March 2020
Tell the negative committee that meets inside your head to sit down & be quiet! 

Well that was the weirdest Mothers Day ever wasn't it!  It was a very confusing day for mom and she's had a rough night too, she's got dressed to get up and woke me up at least 3 times.  One minute she understands why her kids couldn't visit, the next minute it was all stupid, as tough as all this is for all of us at least we aren't living with that disease too!  I do wish folks would practice the social distancing that they've been asked too, I couldn't believe what I was seeing on the news last night, they might get the virus and recover but the people they pass it on too may not ;( 

To lift moms spirits my brothers all recorded her a short video, I did the same of her watching the videos and posted them all on my Facebook page to make others smile, we've got to do everything we can to lift each others spirits right now.  We also Facetimed Terr

I also did a Facebook live in my WW group for my members, it was good to interact with them, it's better in the Virtual WW Workshops because I can see them too.  I'll try to think of other ways to support them in the coming weeks as I know WW have said April 4th but I'm thinking with everything that's happened over the last week, it could be longer ;( 

I don't have any kids but I am truly grateful to all those going to work in schools today so that other key workers such as nurses can continue to do the jobs they do so well.  

It's really difficult to know what to write, I'm not going to lie, my moms behaviour, my behaviour around my eating and drinking, it all seems pretty petty in comparison to what's going on out there. 

But do you know what, life goes on (hopefully!) so for now I'm going to focus on what I can control, not what I can't.  I'm going to focus on the positives of the circumstances, like being able to spend more time with mom, being able to do those jobs around the house I never get round too, I will do some of that today, I did nothing but sit with mom yesterday. 

I did make a chicken dinner yesterday, it wasn't my usual plate of variety, I just had chicken, roast potatoes and tinned green beans and roast onion.  I'm focusing on what I have got not what I haven't got.  There's a fresh cauliflower still in the fridge, well when I say fresh it's a week and a half old, but I'll be using that today or tomorrow if it will last another day, I'll check.  I think I have a couple of peppers too, I'll check what's in the fresh drawer and see what I can do with it.  I've got stew today, it'll be lush after sitting in the fridge for a couple of days nom nom.

Yeah today I will empty the kitchen cupboard, that's a job I'll enjoy doing for sure.  Ooo if this does go on longer, I'd re-oil my work surfaces too.   

It's all very strange isn't it, I know a lot of people are feeling anxious, but I do know as a nation we are proud and strong (well most of us! Some are morons but I think the good outweighs the bad) It's a time to check in on each other but also if you're feeling like you need support, reach out, let others know how you're feeling, we can all support each other through this time.

For now we need to listen to the guidance of the Government and the NHS to play our part in all this;


Also think about others and how it's affecting them, my bestie is a postie and she's told me people are just ordering loads of crap, you do not need to be ordering 3 pair of shoes - you're not going anywhere for a while!  They are fearful of the same dangers as us, the post right now should be being used for important stuff like medical supplies and other vital stuff. 

Catch ya tomorrow.  Be Careful, Be Kind, Stay In and Wash Your Hands.  

Luv you, 

Love me xx

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