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Sunday, 22 March 2020

Our Virtual Workshop was a huge blast!

Sunday 22nd March 2020
You don't inspire your teammates by showing them how amazing you are, you inspire them by showing them how amazing they are!   My team are truly amazing! 

I've been overwhelmed at the support that's been offered to me and mom over the past week, so many amazing people in my WW world, we really are quite the team!  I was also blown away by the turnout on our Virtual Workshop yesterday morning 9.45 Wolverhampton Connect Group, 70 members took the time to log in and interact, supporting and motivating each other.  I logged on half hour early to help those of my members trying to get their heads round the new technology and was amused listening to my regulars doing exactly what they'd do in their normal workshop, chatting and catching up and generally having a giggle.  It might have been a new and different kind of normality but it really was special to be in that virtual world with them all after being home all week.

There's also lots of information on the WW app and website, here are just a few links,

Mothers Day today and a different kind of one for so many this year, moms just opened her cards, she didn't have a great day yesterday, was almost on fast forward all day, then crashed and burned about 5ish, thankfully we went to bed at 8 and she seems to have had a better night, so hoping that'll improve her day.  Of course I had a better night too because of mom, I only woke once at 1, then we got up at 5am.  Here's to a calm day for mom, I'm going to do a Facebook live for my members this morning, then I plan to do some chilling today, although I might clean a bit, we'll see.  I am going to make a chicken dinner, I know I made a beef stew yesterday but that'll keep till tomorrow and it'll taste amazing then too.   I need vegetables and I want to eat the fresh stuff that I have left before they start to turn. 

I've just realised the first thing I did this morning wasn't look at the virus stats, that's a good sign that I'm not stressing over it quite as much now, I actually spent the first hour of today catching up on WW information and paperwork online, with so many changes there's so much to read and make sure I know.

Kenny Rogers passed away yesterday and he was a big part of my childhood, his music was played an awful lot in our house, when mom saw it on the news, we asked Alexa to play some of his tunes and we had a good old sing song, will maybe get Alexa playing some tunes today and get mom signing again if I can.

However you intend to spend Mothers Day, take care of you and yours, take this social distancing seriously, don't ignore it, we don't want our NHS overwhelmed and unable to cope, we don't want to lose loved ones and if we ignore these rules, that's quite possible!  If you really want to see your mom, talk to her on your phones and stand outside her front window!  Or FaceTime them xx 

If you have to go to the shops, as was said on tv yesterday, 'Be responsible when you shop and think of others.  Why not join me in my challenge to use what I have, let's stay away from the shops for as long as possible and use up the store cupboard stock, I appreciate there's certain things like bread and milk but let's give it a go and give those that have generally not got stuff chance to go get theirs. 

Let's take care of each other by staying away from each other.  

Luv you, 

Mwah xx

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