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Wednesday, 4 March 2020

We're awake now!

Wednesday 4th March 2020 
Don't forget to smile.

Choose the affirmation from above that will help you today, I've always loved a good affirmation, I'm still saying mine daily which is 'It's going to be a great day!'  I know that's not really always true but it reminds me I'm in control of how I react to situation's and can tip the balance at times.  

Today, I was awake at 2am, mom was wandering about again, then a fox outside decided to bark/scream whatever that noise is for an hour from 3am, so I finally must have drifted back off about 4ish, then just before 5, I heard mom moving around, she must have turned into a ninja because she was already downstairs and I hadn't heard that bit, but her walking sticks hanging on the living room door were rattling so thankfully I realised where she was, I was too late though, she'd already rung my sister, she didn't realise I was in bed and thought she'd been left alone bless her.  Now both me and my sis are wide awake and starting our day, oh and mom, she's gone back to sleep in her armchair bless her.  Hopefully she'll get a few hours sleep now, because she's always better when she gets her rest, aren't we all!  

I didn't have a perfect day yesterday but it was better, I never got my melon for breakfast, I didn't have time, so grabbed a couple of slices of toast at work. Lunch was this; 

My helper Harj had given me some keema chicken and I had it in iceberg leaves with spring onions, cherry tomatoes and pomegranate.  I wanted cucumber but I mustn't have added on to my shopping basket when I did my online shop.

For tea I had this out of the freezer, 5SP for 1 serving, 9SP for the entire thing.  It wasn't bad either.

I love looking at how far my members have come, those then and now images, this one really made me smile yesterday morning because we had a chat on Saturday morning, she came early and seeing how well she's done was brilliant.  Small child, setting up and running her own salon https://www.facebook.com/labellewednesfield/ and still managed to get to and maintain goal is exceptional.  It's good to support each other in workshops, but also in our Facebook group and why not support each other business wise, if you're looking to get your nails done, or any of that other beauty stuff, check her out.  

Then Vicky shared hers, after all it was Transformation Tuesday yesterday, 

"My weight has never defined me but a few years ago I felt frumpy & older than my years #WWteam"

All good motivation there!  I'd love to see yours if you want to send it to me or post it on Facebook.  It's Wednesday today (in case you hadn't realised) midweek, let's make it wonderful Wednesday shall we?  I'm game if you are, I'm going to get my cook on I think, had a bag of Orzo delivered in my shopping this week, might make something with that, it makes a tasty cold pasta salad lunch or I might have a play and try something new, watch this space....

I know I said about doing a month of mindfulness challenges in March, but I've read through a few and they're silly!  Why would anyone want to mindfully focus on unlocking a door or doing the washing up.  I'm all for living in the moment but seriously, I ain't doing that, I'll happily sit in the garden (when it's a little warmer) and watch the sun set, whilst focusing on tasting every mouthful of the glass of wine in my hands but nah, some of these cards are silly ideas and I won't be a part of it, each to their own lol.

I will look through and share any I find that make sense to me, like this one;

Mindful Tasting Exercise 

Taste something with a strong flavour, like coffee or a tangerine for example, and pay close attention to what happens in your mouth, then what feelings these taste evoke.  Really try and appreciate how the object tastes and how that object makes you feel.  breathe it in deep without thinking of anything else but that object and the feelings it provokes.  Try this a couple of times until you have fully understood and appreciate every aspect of emotion of the taste.  

When I did something similar with coffee, I realised I don't actually like the taste, I just drink it because I associate it with being awake and alert.  I've since worked out water has the same effect and I don't mind the taste of that!

Right, time to get on with my day, work to do, dog to walk, food to eat ;) 

It's going to be a great day.

Mwah, luv ya 

Love me x

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