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Tuesday, 13 June 2017

When you're reminded your just greedy!

13th June 2017
Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

As suspected I gained a pound, it only works if you follow it, my meals have been okay but it's the extras I've been having on top. Right this week I've committed to 2lb off, I need to stop messing about and just do what I know I can do. Ended yesterday 100% tracked, with a blue dot and that was with having Eggs Benedict for breakfast in the cafe after the meeting. I didn't make the supermarket, I opted for an hour in the cafe with 3 members from the meeting, much more needed.

I did finally have a clear out of my ingredients cupboard though, threw away any out of date spices and stuff, now to get stocked up with stuff to help my weight loss, tinned veg for a start. I do have all those grains to use up though, I think today I might opt for No Count and see what I can do with some of them, nip and get some spring onions, carrots, mushrooms and get a bit creative for lunchtime. Couscous topped with fish would be tasty, that's lunch sorted. Egg and tomatoes on toast for breakfast, keep it simple and use some of those tomatoes in the fridge, then tea, well, I can think about it, I have potatoes so chips is the obvious, ooo or a sweet potato jacket, just need a topping! Mince beef with a flavouring of some sort perhaps. Yeah that's more like it, I hadn't got my food shopping head on yesterday, I wouldn't have bought good food, but I think for sure, No Count will help me this week to make wise choices and keep me in check. I will lose 2lb, I want to lose 2lb, I shall stay focused for the coming week, 6 days left, 1 day done.

I sat there last night thinking I'm not hungry, I don't need any tea but I want to eat.... What's that all about ay, I'd had a substantial breakfast that had kept me going for hours, for dinner I had leftover swede and mash with leftover gravy, I didn't have a lot but it filled me up again. Then when it came to my third meal of the day I was running out of points, the breakfast set me back 17sp easily. In the end I decided on a 4sp tea, Weight Watcher crackers with a tin of WW tuna in coronation sauce, I just wanted to eat something nice without the points or effort and that did the job. I distracted myself too to take my mind of eating, then we went to bed. Rock and roll in our house!

As I was told yesterday 'stop blaming the weather, we're just greedy! We don't need an excuse to eat, we just love food'. She wasn't wrong! I don't need an excuse, I do just like eating, however this week that eating is going to be good food, the remaining crisps are wrapped in a carrier bag in the shed for the food bank, there's a food bank at Bloxwich on Thursday, I might take them there, as they won't survive another weekend in my house, I need them out of my house especially as they're not even flavours mom would eat.

Right I need to go sort mom out, so I'll be off. Here's to making Tuesday tremendous, whatever the day may throw at me and from the noises coming from mom, it's going to be testing!

Healthy and happy BeYOUtiful, healthy and happy xx   

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