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Sunday, 25 June 2017

Super Sunday anyone?

25th June 2017
If it costs you your peace, it's too expensive
Ooo the first thing I thought when I just typed the date was "pay day", than I thought food shopping because there's not really much else I want other than a new kitchen radio. The one I have now is the most expensive radio I've ever bought and it's sooner than any of the cheap ones, so the next one will be a cheap one for sure.

It's half 6 and I've been out with the dog for half hour, I'm surprised at how many people I've seen walking around this early on a Sunday morning without a dog, are they going somewhere or coming back?

My massage yesterday truly wiped me out, so after walking Alfie and doing the washing up I did sod all, we sat and watched the 6 parter Kat & Alfie, I enjoyed it until the rubbish ending! I was more frustrated by it because we don't tend to watch stuff like that anymore as mom can't keep up with the storylines but we'd started it and I wanted to see how it turned out, so I'd happily sat explaining what was going on over and over, so to end 6 hours of a decent story badly was a tad annoying! We're watching less and less tv these days because mom can't keep up, even an hour long one off isn't easy.

I've woken up with back ache and I have a house to clean and a garden to sweep so it needs to go away and soon!

Food wise I had a picky day yesterday, my breakfast was crackers, egg and the shredded polish veg stuff again. Then I had a Stilton pork pie with more pickle stuff later and red wine. I also had some apple and onion mint salad on it, I'd bought it from Essington Fruit Farm, but I can definitely make that myself soon.  I know that place is all 'fresh and free range' etc, but I paid £1.90 for 3 slices of pork yesterday, they weren't that big either, when I compare that to the 60p worth of ham at the Polish shop, it makes me think twice about going.  I didn't get my blue dot yesterday but I managed 5 days straight which is a massive improvement on previous weeks. I'm going to check my fridge contents this morning and sort out what meals I can do have before deciding what I need and when, where or how I'm going to shop. I actually need to not shop this week I think, I need to use what I have, get some of the stuff in the freezer used up. Yeah that's my plan and just buy any fresh stuff I need from over the road.

Life is very repetitious isn't it, every week we have to cook, clean, shop, do all those things that have to be done on a weekly basis. I've realised It's important for me to find a way of enjoying these things, I've always enjoyed cooking and shopping, now I'm getting satisfaction from the cleaning, I'm seeing it as 'exercise' and when it's done my house looks good and I've earned some FitPoints. I love my tidy bedroom, it's so nice to wake up in and to go to sleep in. I love having the cupboards under the stairs as it makes the hall look tidier. We're in a bit of limbo with the rest of the house, it'll be great once the wetroom is done, but that's end of August, then hopefully once that is done, my kitchen can be done and by the end of this year I should have a bang on house. I can't wait for the kitchen to be how it looks in my mind!

I really do love my simple life, my small world, I'm exactly where I want to be, it's nice here, a little messy, a few challenges but overall, I wouldn't change how it is, how I've lived and where I've ended up. I really am blessed with the best.

Oh I'm rambling again, it's because I'm content, I like feeling like this, it's the feelings I remind myself of when I'm having a 'bad' day, when my hormones kick in and I feel like everything's getting on top of me, on those days, I remind myself I was okay last week so it's not my life, it's my hormones, my emotions. You should've heard me yesterday afternoon when the Sky box froze and we had to reboot the system, the internet, the lot. I turned the air bluer than it's been for a while, I really raged, more so because there was a chap trying to sort my pc out remotely and it'd disconnected him. I can be very dramatic! But you know what, being dramatic, getting it off my chest and ranting, is why five minutes later I'm good again, I don't hold onto the emotions, I acknowledge, feel and let go. It's good to have a rant, it's good to have a cry, it's good to giggle, we wouldn't be given the capability to feel all these emotions if we weren't supposed to is my belief.

Anyway, I've got a house to hoover, a sink to empty, a floor to mop amongst other tasks so I better get moving, oh and Alfie's being clipped this morning so he's gonna be a happy, cooler boy later.

What to have for dinner..... now there's something to think about.

Yesterdays something that made my day memorable and I want to remember was seeing someone I like get something they want and being party to that! Yep my brother had two tickets for a concert and one of my BeYOUtiful members hadn't been able to get any as they'd sold out, so she's now very happy and going to see one of her fav bands.

Right, what's the plan for Sunday BeYOUtiful? Are you going to stay on track, go a little haywire, what's your plan – I'm staying on track, going to go check out my fridge, I'm thinking avocado, egg, bacon and toast for breakfast, then we won't need anything till this afternoon and two meals will probably be plenty, my third meal can be in liquid form ;)

Have a super Sunday, I'm going too!

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