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Saturday, 10 June 2017

On track...

10th June 2017
Just because you aren't making progress as fast as you think you should does not mean you aren't making progress. Keep going...

We decided to go healthy for lunch yesterday, we both want to lose weight so healthy is the way forward, I've got that meeting on July 13th that I'd like half stone gone for and my bestie has a wedding at the end of July she wants 10lb gone. We need to remind each other of this and remember for the next 4-6 weeks. We've got this!

I'm so glad I made that decision too as our lunch was delicious if I do say so myself I baked my salmon fillets with a little lemon and some chives, then roasted some vegetables alongside them. I sliced 2 courgettes into very fine strips so they were about the same thickness as the wholewheat linguine I was cooking, I cooked it in a separate pan with a chicken stockpot to add a little flavour to it and then when both were cooked I stirred together and the result was delicious, would definitely make again, my portion was 10sp or No Count, bonus.

Having cooked like that yesterday, it's given me some of my cooking mojo back, I enjoyed it, I'm going to get back into being more creative in the kitchen, that's one of the things I plan to do this weekend, sit and plan and get creative. Looking at the weather, there won't be much else I'll be wanting to do! What a wet, murky day, not to worry, I'll find plenty to do indoors, also I play to have a day of doing not a lot of anything after my meeting this morning.

It goes to show where you shop can save you a lot of money, I wanted salmon, I popped into M&S because I was going to treat us to something really nice, the salmon was £6.50 for 2 pieces, in Co-op over the road I got 4 pieces for £7 not a bad difference! Plus I had collected points on my Co-op card since it's opened so I got them for free using that. I need to nip to Lidls to check out how much they are there as I really do like a bit of salmon and if doing No Count it makes it free, worth it on a counting day too I reckon as it's tasty, mmm.

Had a fantastic night at Essington last night, it was lovely to see the room so full and the best bit was when one of my new members said, 'I've got a good feeling about this meeting, I had it as soon as I walked in, you know when you're buying a new house and it just feels right, that's how it felt'. How lovely is that to know that my helpers and my members are doing something right! Actually they're obviously doing everything right if that's how a new member feels on their first night.

Now what to eat today? I enjoyed having fish yesterday, now fancying some white fish but don't have any fresh, theres a couple of pieces in the freezer but they've got to have been there over a year! I enjoyed the pasta too, not had that for a long time, maybe a No Count day today, ooo I have steak, that can be my dinner with chips and mom can have egg and beans, mmm steak and onions and mushrooms, sorted. I'll have eggs on toast for breakfast. I definitely need to write a proper shopping list and plan some meals tomorrow then. I've got a bag of ranch coleslaw mix, that'll go nice on the side too and I can what's left for a snack with some crackers later if I want, or on a slice of bread.

Anyway, I'm starting to waffle about food, I can't help it, I likes it a lot, the chips might have to be mash, see my minds still on the food, ooo mustard mash or chorizo mash, maybe I'll end up counting so I can have that, decisions, decisions, so nice to have the choice.

Right I'm off, here's to making our grey sky silver and having a cracking good day, we can survive the weekend BeYOUtiful, we got this!

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