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Friday, 16 June 2017

Survived another day...

16th June 2017
Be strong enough to stand alone, smart enough to know when you need help, and brave enough to ask for it.

I do love a slow start to the day, rolling over and managing to snooze for a little while, then getting up and making myself a mug of tea whilst I walk round the house opening curtains, turning on my Scentsy warmers and changing the waxes in them to make my house smell good, whilst they warm up I've also turned my diffusers on and put 'boost' oil in, it says wake up to brisk bouyant bergamot, energizing mint and a hint of balancing amyris on the website, well I like the sound of that! I've just took mom her cuppa and medication and we're both starting our day relaxed. It'll all change in half hour as I have the doctors this morning about my prawn incident and then I'm off shopping, I'll enjoy this time though.

Oh I've just had a flashback, my lunch yesterday was amazing, a whole trout I sliced a lemon and lay it inside it with some fresh dill and oregano, sliced onions and red pepper. I baked it for half hour and had it with samphire and some quinoa and freekah, both grains, I bought them together in a mix from Waitrose last year, I cooked that as per instructions on the packet but added a fish stock pot to it, what a delicious meal. Breakfast had been egg sandwich which I took with me and tea was leftover pulled pork in a bit of Sainsbury's basic curry sauce on a jacket potato. Survived another day is what I did right there, there's still the big glass of red wine, but it's progress, we're coping with life right now and I'll take anything I can.

I slayed the pineapple in the kitchen too yesterday, so if your one of my members you know I'm not great with fruit, it often sits in my kitchen and threatens me, this pineapple I bought at the weekend because it was only 29p, all week it's sat there mocking me, “you've gotta eat me, you need to prepare me, you coward you, come on!” I'd spent the week not listening and thinking, 'yeah but you were only 29p, you can rot and go in the bin!' but yesterday I got the knife and prepped and sliced it and I have to admit, it tasted lush. It's not going to make me any better with fruit but again every time I do it is a mini achievement in my house. Today I'll be buying ready chopped fruit, as there ain't no shame in it. Yesterday when I left the house at 7.30am I had a kitchen sink full of washing up glaring at me, the work surfaces were hiding, no they weren't scared they were just covered in crap and Alfie was looking at me longingly and stroking my leg saying, 'I wanna walk' and I'm saying 'I ain't got time, I'll take you when I get back', the last thing I was doing was preparing fruit, but what I was able to do was take a little bag of ready chopped apple with grapes in out of the fridge and eat it on my way to work. Yep I'm proud to say I buy ready cut fruit!

I'm going to M&S to shop today, going to treat myself to some goodies, I have a discount card today and I'm not afraid to use it ;) If I can only eat 3 meals a day, I'm gonna make them good ones this weekend to attempt to keep me on track. It's the dine in offer too. Now it's too easy to opt for the bad stuff but I'm gonna go healthy, I fancy the sound of chicken sharwarma! Until I see it though and check out the nutritional info I won't know if it's healthy. My side dishes with be the salads or veggie choices and the dessert, well I think strawberries might be a choice so.... but then mom might get something. We're both trying to be healthier as she's gained a few pounds not being as mobile as she was.

Right I better get this day started, I may be BeYOUtiful but I need a wash! Oh the sky is so blue and the sun is shining, my kind of day... Let's enjoy it shall we?  

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