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Saturday, 17 June 2017

Being silly is the best medicine...

17th June 2017
The six best doctors are sunshine, water, rest, air, exercise and diet.
I had a lovely day yesterday, went to M&S to do some nice food shopping, my meals are going to be epic this weekend. Then I decided to have half hour shopping in TK Maxx and ended up in the changing rooms, WELL what's wth those surround sound style mirrors, what a scary sight they are.... We never, really look at ourselves that closely other than in those rooms where everything appears magnified, scary for sure. I just burst out laughing, the sales chap must have thought I was a nutter, I got my mobile out and I've took photos from every angle and NO you can't see them as they'd curdle milk! I've saved them and they are there as a reminder, actually maybe I'll print the buggers and stick them in the fridge and on my wine rack – it's a good job I love myself I tell ya cos otherwise I'd be crying in a cupboard right now. It's official, I've hit middle age, my body has changed so much, the weight gain is evident and I looked like a character from Doctor Who, however if I'm not happy with it, I need to do something about it. Having said that, this morning, looking in my mirror on the landing, it doesn't look quite so bad ;) I shall continue with the healthy and happy plan and do the best I can with the situation I have.

Back to food! For lunch we had these;

Tasty, if a little too quickly eaten, 14sp for half of each. Then for tea I had Coconut, lemongrass & lime leaf chicken breast escalopes with coleslaw and WW wraps 11sp.
I can't wait for my next meal, so many new things to try, I love it. I'm even considering a salad for breakfast, well they look so good.

This sunshine better last all weekend, I need me a long walk I decided yesterday, either getting in the car and driving to the Wrekin or maybe just through the farmers fields on the edge of our estate, to be honest that's glorious enough and right on my doorstep. I want to sit in my garden tomorrow with my book and chill, I think I'm going to re-read 'Stepping out of the cloud' by Emma Triplett as it had some really good tips in there and I feel I could maybe do with a few at the moment. I've got me a magazine to have a read of too, so real downtime this weekend I reckon.

Today I've got a massage to enjoy too, that's my treat for this week, turn off completely for an hour and forget the world.

Last night reminded me of the importance of fun, I love to laugh but fun and silliness has been missing lately and I was reminded of that last night when Bonnies dad made me jump out in the kitchen, we all laughed and it instantly lightened my mood and I stayed there with that lifted mood. I know this morning will be full of chuckles, it always is, so here's to a weekend of sunshine and laughter, lightening the moment and not taking life too seriously. I've been in danger of thinking too much lately and it needs to stop, it's not who I am or what I do, so back to living in the moment, not thinking too much because you end up creating a problem that wasn't even there in the first place.

Back to focusing on and enjoying the small things, the simple things, the things that truly matter like sunshine, loved ones, laughter oh and of course fine wine and delicious food! Remember every time you are able to find some humour in a difficult situation, you win. On that note BeYOUtiful, I'm off to get ready for a sunshine kind of day.

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