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Sunday, 4 June 2017

Surround yourself with happy people!

4th June 2017

Never be a prisoner of your past. It was just a lesson, not a life sentence.

Love and laughter really is the best medicine, I obviously woke up to the news that everyone else has this morning but I'm not going to focus on that because that's what they want, they want us to be sad. 

I had a wonderful day yesterday, brilliant meeting on the morning, I can honestly say the best feeling in the world for me as a coach is standing in front of my members and watching them almost cry with laughter before leaving on a high ready to take on their week ahead, because I know that focusing on the healthy and happy is what life is really all about, the weight loss becomes the side effect then.

Straight from there we had Bonnie's charity event, which was a huge success, well done to everyone involved and especially to Bonnie for  all the effort she's put in getting it all in place and sorted, so proud of her, the total raised yesterday was £604.05, how fab is that!  She's already raised £382 on her Justgiving page and a lovely man has rounded it off to the grand, just fantastic.

I'm not gonna lie, I was tired yesterday, not physically so much as emotionally drained, just shattered.  After walking Alfie at lunchtime, Lynne and Vicky came and picked me up and we went out for some food.  I forgot about everything for a few hours, including Weight Watchers hence the pizzas that were ordered.  Now this could've had a completely different turn out had it been left to Steve the unhelpful and frankly rude barman at the Fox & Anchor, who blunty told us we couldn't eat food at that table, there was a sign (there wasn't btw) and if we wanted food we'd have to go out the front of the pub, if he'd said it politely I wouldn't have minded but he didn't and he'd already ignored me a few times before that.  I went out to break the news to my mates and was gonna say let's go somewhere else when Jamie the waiter came and sorted us out - what a lad, so nice, the best service we've had in a very long time and we've had some good service, but this lad was lovely, really was.  The couple on the next table told us that Steve had been frankly rude and unhelpful to them too.  I honestly thought he was the manager and that's what gave him the right to be rude, but no he's not, he's related to him I believe but he ain't doing him any favours, I wouldn't go back again, proving how much damage one person can do to a business.

We didn't let him spoil our afternoon though, we had a fabulous giggle, a lovely catch up and I went home completely relaxed, mom and I chilled for the rest of the day before going to bed around 9 because I was falling asleep in my chair.

Alfie darling woke me up at 1am barking at something!  I wasn't impressed but I managed to go back to sleep, then I was woke up by a horrid nightmare at just after 4 this morning, great joy.  I've been awake since, I've took my bed apart and bought it downstairs because my new beds being delivered at 7.30am! Yeah that early, at least they'll be gone and I'll have my day left to myself.

I haven't even thought about food for today yet, I'll check the kitchen out later as I do my Sunday sorting out, a nice steady day today I think.  Whatever you have planned make sure you focus on the love, focus on the healthy & happy - don't let them win!

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