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Saturday, 24 June 2017

We shall make it through the weekend!

24th June 2017
We don't grow when things are easy, we grow when we face challenges.

Another day on track but I did have a glass of wine as I had the points left, done 3 days without, so it's all good. I had a busy day, the meeting with my carers support worker went well, I have a few forms to fill in this weekend now, the most important on being an application for a carers emergency card which I'll carry around and if anything was to happen to me, the emergency services would know moms at home and I take care of her, so they'd contact her and whoever I write down as a contact.

Meals that were planned got changed, turned out the chicken I'd had delivered on Wednesday should've been used by Thursday! Not impressed at all as I buy fresh because I don't want to have to freeze stuff when it arrives, I was cooking something else with chicken today – not now! The to top it off the salmon I'd bought Wednesday morning from the co-op that we were gonna have that day but didn't had gone out of date that day, use by same day is a little naughty for sure! Lesson learned, I need to start checking all the sell-by dates, but when you're in a rush, you assume when you're paying those prices the food is damn fresh.

I picked up a piece of sweet chilli salmon when I topped up with petrol and had that for my tea on salad, had a real kick to it too.
On my way back from collecting the commode on the morning, I passed the Polish shop so I decided it was time to investigate. Turns out everything in the shop is in Polish! You don't need cake translated though, you can see what it is, so I got mom a bit, she said they weren't very sweet! I bought me some stuff of the deli, an horseradish beetroot, carrot salad and coleslaw, I will definitely be going back for them. I also had some cooked meat from their meat counter and it was really good, really fresh too! No use by today on them! The bread looked amazing, I'll save that for another time...

I think I just about managed my 10k steps yesterday, I'm just syncing my Fitbit to find out, yeah I did just over, so since Monday I have done average 10k a day I'm chuffed with that, my Fitbit says 59,208 but I didn't put it on till lunchtime on Monday, I've got 65 FitPoints, none of which have been used, plus I'm entering the weekend with 26 weekly points left – WOO HOO! I've also got 5 blue dots in a row on my WW app, I've not every done that I don't think.

You watch, I'll get on those scales Monday and I won't have lost! If I haven't I'll just keep going because ultimately I know it will have to show at some point, I've learned in all my years as a coach that bodies are very weird things that sometimes work at their own pace.

Now what to eat today.... my original plans out the window obviously because of out-of-date gate, I do have some steak, that's a possibility, especially as it's Saturday and I'm not one for doing much after my massage. I've been having a fancy for noodles for a few days, don't think there's any in my cupboards, I used to love Batchelors super noodles and haven't had them for years, but at 9sp for ½ the packet, I'll think twice I reckon, I'd easily eat the whole packet to myself.

I might have steak, actifry sweet potato and veggies, I'll give my fridge a good sort out to then I'll go shopping Monday maybe after my meeting, or tomorrow if the weathers not so good. But first for a cracking good morning at the meeting, let's go have some giggles.

Yesterdays something that made my day memorable and I want to remember was lying on moms bed together and having a bit of love and a giggle.

Here's to surviving the weekend BeYOUtiful, we've got this! Let's do this, no messing about. I can feel me wanting to wander off track and eat lots of delicous food and drink copious amounts of wine – but I will stay strong and on track, we've got this!

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