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Friday, 2 June 2017

80/20 all the way!

2nd July 2017
You can't expect to win the jackpot if you don't put a few coins in the slot.

Slept till 6, then heard mom move about so I got up to make her a cuppa and top up her medication.  Now out with Alfie as apparently he wasn't going to stop staring at me till I caved and got his lead!  It's a lovely morning, I don't think it's going to last though, not according to the weather forecast, I'll enjoy it while it lasts.

It was a longer than normal Thursday yesterday as I had to pick my helper up because my regular one was on holiday, it adds almost an hour to the day and with me already leaving at half 7 and getting home at just before 8, the extra bit just finishing me off, glad it's Friday today and I haven't got to rush anywhere.

On my way home I had a craving for chippy chips, I knew I had leftover curry which I'd added mushrooms too. I justified having them because I knew I hadn't got any microwave rice. Small portion weighed 20sp so I had half with my curry and I was sated. I would've rather had the battered chips but that chippy didn't have them. Craving satisfied, I watched BGT with a glass of wine before going to bed.

My lunch hasn't been mentioned because it isn't really worthy of one, We had the packet of mince beef crispy pancakes with cheesy mash, the beef ones were slightly better than the ham and cheese ones but they are still something that will never grace my freezer again.

A new member mentioned turkey drummers yesterday, I just looked 3sp each, I don't think I'll bother reminiscing over that one!

I've got me a massage booked today, I managed to get in when my back started hurting yesterday, I haven't had one for 3 weeks, Saturdays got cancelled. If this mutt of a dog actually starts moving and we get back home, I'll be able to get some stuff done before then, he's a funny little dog, he's paying particular attention to a dandelion plant as I type. He wants to walk in the middle of the road this morning, I draw the line at playing chicken before 7am and sober!

I'm thinking a Weight Watcher frozen meal for lunch, get some of that freezer food eaten, salmon and broccoli melt I think, mmm nice.  Then I have a chicken thing in there I can cook for tea, 9sp in half.  That's my day sorted, multitasking whilst dog walking, can't beat it. I'm also adding stuff to my next online shop delivery, I need rice so I don't use it as an excuse to buy chips again.

I think if I've heard anything from my members, especially my new ones over the last few days it's that they want a plan that's liveable.  Most have come fresh from trying other options that just aren't working.  We all want to enjoy life, enjoy food, really enjoy a night out and time with our friends and family whilst eating and drinking and having a good time. The beauty of Weight Watchers is you can do that, those weeklies, the 80/20 approach have helped all my members survive the bank holiday, lots of them still lost weight, some maintained (no shame in a maintain) and some had an enjoyable gain which they know they can get off again. This is real life, we can't be 100% on it all the time, actually we don't want to be and thanks to the Smart Plan we don't have too.

I'm trying to pull pack some FitPoints to help with my 80/20 approach, although at the speed  he's going this morning, it's not making much different, so slow today!  I've not even done 2,000 steps and we've been out over half hour.

I might need eggs for breakfast today, I'm missing them, ooo yeah eggs on toast, I will have some fruit too, get that five a day.

Here's to a great Friday, everyday can't be a 20% day, some days have to be part of the 80% too, you still have to get that balance.  We're still out walking, but I've managed to access and I'm about to post my blog from the green, we worked out at the scales even with 1lb loss a week we could all be 2st lighter by Christmas, of course if you don't have 2 stone to lose you could be maintaining your goal by then!  happ You firsay BeYOUtiful!  Oh alfies lay down now, we could be here a while 😝

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