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Thursday, 8 June 2017

Have you got today planned? What about tomorrow!

8th June 2017
You weren't born to just pay bills and die!
I had a late night last night, so I'm a little tired, add to that I had to take Piriton and I've just popped another one and well I think it's going to be aplenty of coffee kind of day, I need to make sure I'm prepared.  Why the piriton?  Well I made mom an incredible looking prawn sandwich last night, didn't think anything about it, I've come into contact with them and it's not affected me before, if I eat on it make my mouth go painful as I'm now allergic to them, but touching them has never caused any problems.  I must not have washed my hands properly because after we'd been sitting for about 20 minutes my eye felt like I'd got something in it and I rubbed it (as you shouldn't) and before I knew it, it was all swelling up and bloodshot.  I've googled it apparently this can be a common reaction to the shellfish, so I'll just not ever have them in the house again.  The eyes still a little swollen but the redness appears to have gone thankfully, scary stuff.

Other than that, yesterday was a good day, my bestie came, we had a delicious lunch, I do love the Tandoori Chicken sashlick from Waitrose (3 for £10) and 9sp for the pack, really tasty.

To today though, I need to be prepared, it really is the key to success.  Think about it, if you've got all your meals planned and/or prepared it's going to save the day.

We've all been there, you're rushing in the morning to get ready, so you skip breakfast, then because you were so rushed you forgot to pack that healthy lunch because you were, well, in a rush.   What happens next...

I can bet it doesn't include nipping and buying some fruit, yogurt and a healthy sandwich, it's more likely to involve something not so healthy!

Then after a long, busy, crazy day, you get home shattered and there's nothing ready, not much in the cupboards or fridge, so you nip back out and go and buy the makings of a nice salad or healthy tea, erm reality check, do you heck!  You're more likely to end up at the chippy, getting a takeaway or eating bread.

PLAN, PLAN, PLAN and be prepared.

You could even prepare in advance to help you out over the week in front of you.  Or do what I'm doing at the moment because time is tight and buy ready prepped stuff to help you out with time.

If your fridge is full of chopped and prepped fruit and veggies, you're more likely to use them, don't be afraid to use tinned either.

I'm going to go for quick and convenient today for sure, I know before I even look there is no bread in the kitchen, so this morning will either be eggs or cornflakes.  I've just took a freezer surprise out, I think it's stewed steak and onions in gravy, I'll have that with smash and tinned veg, then I've took out a frozen ready meal, mom can have that one.  Then there's just tea to think about, I can pick up a loaf if I decide to have that, depends on which way my breakfast goes, actually I will get the loaf then I can leave mom a sandwich for her tea (not prawns!) and I'll have avocado and egg on toast for my tea.  See planned!  I'm not going to spend all day dreaming about something scrumptious.

Actually that's all just changed, I've just remembered there's chicken Kiev's in the fridge so that'll be today's lunch, I'll go put the stuff back in the freezer.

I think that just proves it's good to sit and plan some main meals for the week, even if you don't eat them in any particular order.  I'm going to do that this weekend, get myself more organised, I've been putting my online shop together since Sunday, it's coming tomorrow and I know it's not got everything I need in because there's no planning in there, I'm just trying to think about stuff as and when then adding it to the list.

Right now though, I'm off to make myself a big mug of tea, this day needs to get started, my members will wake me up fully for sure, here's to my eye going down and getting back to normal, I think I'll nip and buy me some eye drops if I get a minute, I've got a hair appointment in-between my meetings too, let's make a busy day, even busier ay!

Happy Thursday BeYOUtiful, let's make it a great one, and no matter how busy you are - go vote...

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