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Thursday, 22 June 2017

Turns out I'm officially healthy & happy!

22nd June 2017
You must tell yourself, 'no matter how hard it is, or how hard it gets, I'm going to make it'.
Another glorious day on planet earth it was yesterday, hot, hot, hot, I love it, even if it makes me sweat a bit! I even smashed 15k steps on my fitbit which surprised me greatly, it told me 81 of my minutes were active minutes too, I was really chuffed with that as I didn't think I was particularly 'active' in my daily life, I know I get a lot done but 'active' means at a faster pace.

Anyhow after mom had her dementia review at the doctors, I had an NHS healthcheck at the local hub, the lovely Catherine did it, it was free (bonus) and she took my blood pressure, cholesterol, blood glucose, height and weight and asked me some questions.

Turns out I'm pretty damn healthy! Here were my results;
Apparently I've shrunk, that I'm not impressed about, I also thought I was 5ft 3.5in but I'm 5ft 2.5in, I tell everyone I'm 5ft 4 and WW think I'm 5ft 5in these days, mwah, ha ha! I'm overweight, it's official (we knew anway), yep, my BMI is 30 if I'm 5ft 2in and my waist was too big too. That was the only negative though really, obviously I drink too much, no surprise there, but my results overall said my changes of heart attack was only 3%, that's not a bad stat. My blood pressure was good, my cholesterol was only 3.48 which is less than their ideal 5, my healthy cholesterol was over their ideal too at 1.52, yep I passed all the tests and I'm a happy lady. To me it proved that you can be overweight and healthy, I already know you can be underweight and unhealthy.

It's important to focus on the healthy and happy, that way the weight loss will become the side effect. The improvements we agreed I should make were, to have 2 or 3 alcohol free nights a week, give my liver chance to recover and to add in some vigorous exercise as I didn't think I did any, having looked at my fitbit last night maybe I do. I do play to start skipping though in the garden, once I've made a space and swept it through, I will try to do that tomorrow, if not definitely at the weekend. Stripping and making two beds and loading and unloading my car was my vigorous exercise for yesterday.

If you live in Wolverhampton and want a health check contact Catherine on 07824 350716 or check their website www.wolverhampton.gov.uk/healthcheck you need to be aged between 40 & 74 and NOT have any of the pre-existing conditions (diabetes, arthritis, heart attack/stroke, treated high blood pressure, treated cholesterol). For other areas here's the website link
After I'd been for that, I had a busy afternoon, housework, cooking lunch for my bestie, we had a 9sp meal, chicken and pesto flatties, these were from M&S but would be easy to make yourself, it was just a flattened chicken breast, with a bit of pesto sauce on and a sprinkle of cheese. We had our with actifry potatoes and carrots, plus green beans. Really good. For my tea I had 4sp smoked trout (very much like smoked salmon tbh) and a rainbow salad.

My breakfast had been delicious too, 8SP parmesan cheese & eggy bread, crispy bacon, mushrooms & cherry tomatoes.   Finished my day easily on track, ate some fruit, drank some water, tried the new pepsi max ginger – very nice indeed. I did knock over my mug of tea when I got home from work, all over the floor and my new rug, whole mug too. The night before I scolded myself on horlicks, I never have these accidents when I'm drinking red wine you know, just an observation.

Right today, it's gonna be hot I think, although I may have seen forecasts of storms, I've got a busy day ahead, my busiest working day of the week with five meetings, leave the house at 7.30, get back tonight about 8, so I need to be prepared for staying on track. I have some diet pop, water, fruit and the choice of 3 recipes from the new chicken cookbook I think I might have a go at, if I don't feel like it, there is a prepared chicken meal in the fridge I can use instead.

On that note, I better get going, things to do, places to be.

Here's to a having a tremendous Thursday BeYOUtiful, healthy & happy – we got this.

Yesterdays something that made my day memorable and I want to remember was obviously my health check results. Also my mom asking for a cold, fizzy drink – I don't think I've ever seen her drink a can of diet coke! Go figure.

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