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Wednesday, 21 June 2017

Another good day in the bag!

21st June 2017
Live a life that causes your soul to dance inside your body...

Summer Solstice, the longest day, the pessimists amongst us might be saying 'oh it's all downhill from now' but that's not true, it's also the start of summer, oh yes and today is set to be a very hot day apparently. Today is a great day to check in on yourself, what progress have you made towards your dreams and goals, are you doing enough to help them come to fruition? If you are, woo hoo, go you, if not, what can you do? The Summer Solstice is the annual opportunity to take advantage of the abundance of light that can help us release burdens, doubts and fears, so we can become a little freer, how can you honor the sun – get in it, soak it up, since, dance or create, go out there and enjoy it in some way. Play, just because you're a grown up doesn't mean you can still play! At work all day and don't have time for playing? Go buy yourself a bunch of fresh flowers for the house, celebrate the new life that the sun gives.

Anyway back to all things Weight Watchers, I had an excellent day yesterday, ended my day on 28 Smart Points, check me out and I did track everything, no wine meant it was easy to stay in my allowance. My meals were delicious too, I had fruit for breakfast, mostly because I ran out of time, doesn't happen often but it did yesterday. For our lunch we had Chicken sausage panzanella for 6sp, it was delicious, on page 44 of the new Chicken cookbook, so many recipes I want to try in this book, I've ordered the ingredients for 3 of them to come in my food delivery today.

For tea I did a concoction with stuff that needed using and it was unexpectedly delicious, a couple of pieces of lambs liver, 2 slices of back bacon, a courgette sliced up, mushrooms, onion, all stir fried together, then served on a jacket potato with a little gravy and a spoonful of red cabbage, it was seriously good and only 13sp. I had a good 7sp left after tracking everything including my milk in my tea and the coca cola I'd drunk because I'd picked up the wrong bottle and it wasn't diet! I've fancied a mug of horlicks for ages so decided to use the points on that, 5sp for the light version – ouch! Then double ouch because I spilt it and scolded my leg, not impressed at al, wine has never caused me such pain! Just saying!

I ended up having a long walk yesterday morning, well not so much long as heavy, I'd took Alfie for a quick whizz round the block so he could do his business before the weather got too warm, we ended up helping an old lady find her daughters house, she'd come out of hers to walk down and had lost her way and ended up off track. By now it was too warm for Alfie so I had to carry him, we were out an hour, my arms know they've been weight lifting this morning I can tell you! The lady did have dementia but I do think the heat and dehydration had probably made her worse poor love.

My skipping ropes arrived so I'm going to start by building up a minute here and there to get me moving more, my fitbit had over 14k steps on yesterday, I was really pleased with that. Busy today so not sure I'll get that many on there but I'll aim for the 10k, mom and I are at the doctors this morning, I'm cooking my bestie lunch, then I have my meetings tonight of course. But apparently I'm off to walk the dog first because he's just appeared behind me! I've told him I've just got to post this blog.

Here's to a super summer solstice, enjoying the day, staying on track, focusing on the positives, I heard truly sad news off some of my members yesterday, it made me count my blessings!

Yesterdays something that made my day memorable and I want to remember was, the conversation in my meeting this morning about sleeping in this heat and the chat I had with the old lady I helped home, oh and my dinner which was epic!

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