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Monday, 12 June 2017

Too much food, not enough meals '-)

12th June 2017
Try to be a rainbow in someone's cloud.

Roast chicken dinner, it doesn't get much better than that, there's enough left over in the fridge for the same today too, might need to be done! We had to have chicken for tea last night too because when I bought the chicken from the Co-op yesterday morning it was 2 for £7, as they didn't have any salmon, I picked up one whole chicken and a half chicken in lemon and garlic, not noticing the use by date on it was the same day, so we had that for tea on ranch dressing coleslaw – so good.

This week I plan to get some grains back on my plate, I'm thinking couscous or quinoa as I know they're in my cupboards, might do a couple of No Count days this week, get some cod or trout, yeah I need to visit a fish counter, I'll just steer clear of the prawns!

I need to look for some more stock pot type things too, I feel a stroll round a supermarket coming on, maybe the big Sainsbury's in the town after I've been weighed, a good mooch looking for ideas.

I bought some tomatoes yesterday because they were reduced and I've roasted them, now to decide whether to make a pasta sauce or tomato soup with them, decisions, decisions.

I got quite frustrated trying to write my meal planner yesterday, I feel like I've lost my mojo, or maybe I'm just going through a period of enjoying simple food that quick and easy to make. I look through the recipe books and think 'nah', so back to basics for me it is then. I need to have a good week, I want to get a couple of pounds off over the next 7 days because I know I haven't done great again this week – it don't work if you only do it from 6am – 8pm! That hour from 8-9pm can completely blow your day and that's where I've been going wrong, moms gonna have to go back to skips and wotsits because I can't resist the Walkers crisps, I just can't. I try, I even put them in the food bank stuff in the shed and went and fetched a bag out! Maybe if I do a bit of No Count, I'll be fuller, if I have chicken dinner today, I'd have to either not have Yorkshire or point today do No Count tomorrow. At least there's a choice I guess, oh why isn't the good stuff on the free list lol.

I really do need to go back to basics, see the points I have and decide how I want to spend them, its food at the end of the day, if I don't have Yorkshire pudding today, I won't die, I can still have a delicious day, it's the gravy that made the dinner yesterday to be fair, so loads of veggies, swede and mash, chicken and gravy is going to be epic and help me with my weight loss, which is a priority for me for this week. I'll have fruit for breakfast, save me some points, then a delicious chicken dinner.

Tea is still under negotiations, I have those tomatoes that need using up, I'm thinking either some white fish roasted with a little chorizo on a bed of courgetti spaghetti which I'm loving right now or persian kofta skewers (or I'll do as meatballs), I have a spice packet that just needs a few things adding to it and that would be delicious on the courgetti spaghetti too, mix some roasted tomatoes pasta sauce through, mmm. This is why I struggle to lose weight, too much delicious food, not enough meals!

I've started a 'meals I loved' list to help me with future meal plans. I've got some sweet potatoes I bought because they were reduced too (need to stop doing that), so I'm thinking sweet potato curry, I could actually make that this afternoon and eat it tomorrow or Wednesday, it'll get better with time.

You can read the indecisiveness in my blog can't you, I just don't know what I want to eat because I want to eat everything, the weather isn't helping at all, if it was hot I'd be planning salads etc, but it can't decide whether to be hot, cold, wet or dry, it's crazy weather, we need some summer now thank you very much.

Right I've got a meeting to get ready for, as a member this time though, I'm not hopeful for a loss I have to say, I need to get more 80/20 as opposed to 60/40!

Let's do this, I will nip to the supermarket for inspiration on my way home, I need fresh, healthy ingredients to make me smile in the kitchen.

Happy Monday BeYOUtiful.

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