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Tuesday, 6 June 2017

Save our meeting!

6th June 2017
Do everything with so much love in your heart that you would never want to do it any other way.

My body is not in a great place right now and my hormones and moods are a little all over the place too, googling on the internet yesterday I found this info;

"Menopause happens when you haven't had a period for 12 straight months and you aren't pregnant or sick. It's a normal part of aging." 

Reading that yesterday on a website made my heart sink, if this 'Perimenopause' is the warm up, the workout is gonna suck big time baby.  Honestly, whoever created us, if 'someone' did, they were a little twisted with all the stuff we endure, just saying.

So anyway, I really didn't expect to lose weight but I snuck a little half off, truly pleased with that I was, it's made me more focused for this week now, I will shift this stone, 2lb of it's gone already, here's to another pound this week. 

At the end of our meeting, the coach told us because the meeting is so small it's going to have to close, we've convinced the boss to give her 4 weeks to turn it around and get it up to a number that's worth keeping open so please everyone, can you save this image below and post it on your timeline on Facebook to help the lovely Emma save her meeting and so I can continue to go every week, I'm enjoying having that hour each week, it's really helping.   I think this is a reminder to us all how important it is to attend our meetings each week, they won't keep open meetings where there aren't members.

After the meeting a handful of us when to commiserate with a bacon butty, this was actually where we came up with the idea to save the meeting, so it was worth the 12sp the sandwich cost me, luckily I hadn't had breakfast so this served as brunch. 

It gave me the taste for white bread though, yep you guessed it I had more for my tea, I cooked the chicken in mint and roasted a courgette and yellow pepper and made a delicious sandwich topped with a tablespoon of low fat coleslaw, really tasty.   I weighed the bread and was pleasantly surprised that it was 2sp a slice, I sliced it myself from a loaf on the reduced section in the co-op. 

I didn't feel great yesterday, I went to Waitrose to treat myself to nice stuff and I just wasn't in the mood didn't even get past the 3rd aisle, I bought a little then got home and realised I'd forgot milk and bread, I started an online shop then decided to just nip over the co-op for milk and delay my big shop till my brains working better and my hormones are back to level.  At least it saved me a few quid I guess.

We'll eat eggs today as I have quite a few going on, ooo I might have egg on toast for brekkie, I'll add a few tomatoes to make it healthier, it just shows you can have a bit of what you fancy doesn't it.  Last week for me was definitely more 60/40 than 80/20 so I really do need to put more effort in this week, maybe go for a walk if it ever stops raining, how heavy has the rain been in the night, it's been waking me up throughout the night, since Alfie woke me at 1am, little darling - NOT! 

Anyway, I'm a loser this week, which makes me smile, I've been told to get some magnesium for the menopause and sage for the flushes, I'll start with trying to keep the healthy eating going, cutting down on the wine a little (only a little!) and drinking plenty of water, getting some early nights and resting more, our bodies can only do so much, we need to remember that.

Here's to a tremendous Tuesday, I'm already looking forward to my lunch and I haven't even had my breakfast yet :)

Healthy days become happy days - we got this BeYOUtiful!

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