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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

BeYOUtiful, be yourself...

7th June 2017
We rise by lifting others. 
Kindness "the quality of being friendly, generous and considerate." It's not hard is it!
If I asked most people how would you like your child to grow up I'd hope they'd say happy, healthy, kind and caring or words like that.  I don't think "skinny & pretty" are our priority - I do hope not anyway!  

When I ask people to tell me their qualities they usually say words like 'kind', 'loving', 'caring' 'make people laugh'. People with these traits are the type of people I want in my life not the self obsessed, selfish kind. 

If you have a child or you are an influence in a child's life, please make sure you showing the values we want to see in our works.  Also make sure they know it's okay to be them, to be unique, to be different, to be whatever the heck they want to be, they don't have to confirm to the stereotypical image that's portrayed by the silly magazines and social media.  In other words tell them to be BeYOUtiful, to be the own kind of wonderful. 

Last night was an emotional meeting as we shared our "whys", one young ladies why hit a few cords and memories with others I think by the tears in eyes round the room. We've all been called names in our lives, we've all had people be mean to us, it's hurts. Imagine if the generation that's being raised now was taught that being mean isn't necessary, that spreading love and being kind wins every time. I like the sound of that world. 

Imagine if when people decided to lose weight it was for themselves, to get healthier and take care of themselves and not because they knew people were judging them on their size or because someone had said something mean to them!  Imagine if we loved ourselves as much as we loved those important people in our live. If we took care of ourselves as much as we are willing to take care and prioritise everyone else. 

Difficult to imagine?  No wonder there were tears in people's eyes last night. We really do need to start being our own best friends. 

The only way to make a happier, caring and kinder world is to lead by example, they don't miss a trick these kids, they replicate what they see, they become fresher versions of what they are surrounded by that is unless you show them and teach them to change direction and be themselves. 

Enjoy your day, I plan too xx 

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