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Tuesday, 27 June 2017

I dared to mention the C word!

27th June 2017
Because the next 6 months will go by no matter if you eat healthy or not!

Yay, I lost a pound and a half, so that's average of 1/2lb a week over the last 5 weeks, I'll take that! I've done the fast loser thing and it doesn't last long for me, whereas doing it this way, I'm still enjoying a bit of extra niceness at weekends. I also realised yesterday it was 26 weeks from Christmas! I know, shush with the C word, but it's something to help us set a goal. 26 weigh-ins, 26 opportunities;

1/2lb a week = 13lb
1lb a week = 1st 12lb
1 1/2lb a week = 2st 11lb
2lb a week = 3st 10lb

Not losing anything = feeling exactly the same way as you did when you woke up yesterday morning and this morning, if you're good with that feeling then no prob, if you're not.... well I don't need to say anymore do I.

We went for breakfast at the cafe yesterday and I ordered poached eggs on toast because I'd seen someone have them the last time I was there and they looked lush, all runny and nice. Sadly when mine came they'd not only put butter on my toast but the eggs were hard as bullets, I was just about to eat them anyway when I thought no, I only get to eat three times a day, I'm not setting for what I don't want, so I sent them back, when they came back, they were delicious and I saved points by not having the butter.
My review with my boss went really well, there's always progress to be made, we can all improve so I have things to work on of course, I did something yesterday at that meeting I never do these days, I dared to think about the future.  With moms illness, I very much live in the moment for now, I don't dare to think about what the next few years might bring.  Yesterday my manager touched on it and planted the seed, so I listened, we never know what tomorrow will bring, but we can be ready for it!

I left feeling really good, so good that I ended up in Waitrose having a good shop. I really shouldn't be let out on my own! I just love lush food and there really is some in there, last nights tea was 14SP Indian spiced bhaji burger, giant roast portobello mushroom topped with fragrant oriental black quinoa salad. Different and delicious, I'm going to enjoy everything on the menu this week, that's for sure.

I need to have a go at making veggie burgers like that one I had for my tea last night, it was so good, full of flavour and goodness. Not today though, at £2.50 for 2, they're worth buying already made.

I'm contemplating a bit of No Count today, I've got a big piece of cod in the fridge, tempted to make fish fingers with it, mmm nom nom, we could have fish finger sandwiches, with chargrilled courgettes and some salad leaves, nice. Yeah definitely, that's lunch sorted, what to have for breakfast, decisions, decisions, I've got a giant mushroom left from yesterday, I could roast that, top it with an egg, add some baked beans, tomatoes, mmm sounds good. Damn, I love food!

Right I've got a busy day ahead, looking forward to seeing my members at Short Heath, I've got a good chat planned, here's to a good day. We've got this..

26 weeks till Christmas, my first goal is July 13th though, I want a couple more pounds off at least by then, which has just reminded me I need another really good week, 100% from now till Saturday!

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