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Sunday, 11 June 2017

What a glorious day...

11th June 2017
If you aren't willing to work for it, don't complain about not having it!

What a glorious morning, let's hope it's going to stay dry and sunny, it'd be nice to sit up the garden this afternoon. I do fancy spending some time in the kitchen today though, I'm feeling a Sunday roast possibly, decisions, decisions, I'll need to go to the shops if I do that, but whatever I have, I need mash and gravy in my life today for sure. Yeah, chicken dinner and an hour making a meal plan for the coming week and doing a shopping list, how lucky are we that we get a choice, I'm just watching a squirrel run round outside and he can have monkey nuts or monkey nuts and that's only if I put em out, otherwise he's got to go hunt for his dinner.

I had a lovely relaxed day yesterday, meeting on the morning where as always we had a giggle and started my weekend off well, followed by a massage, dog walk then the afternoon in front of the tv, very nice it was.

I'll be doing more in the way of housework today but not yet, another cup of tea first...

I need to get my kitchen mojo back, I really enjoyed getting creative again in the kitchen the other day, so need to get back to that, the difference a chicken stockpot made to those courgettes was simply the way forward, I need more things like that in my kitchen, I know we can mix our own concoctions together but seriously, sometimes you just want someone else to have got the measurements right for you don't you! I need to sort out my ingredients cupboard, throw away out of date stuff and see what I have left. I also want to use some of the couscous and any other grains I've got going on in the cupboards. Yeah cupboard sort out today it is, let's see what I've got, what I can do with it and what I need to make it complete. I might have a declutter too, anything I'm not using in there can be boxed up and moved on, no point in a gadget that isn't used or a pan that's never used, I know I have an omelette maker that's been used once if that, time to say bye, bye.

I reckon Alfie will be asking for a walk in a bit, I do hope he's up for a good, long one, earn some FitPoints before tomorrows weigh in! The second cuppa has worked it's magic, I'm ready to get going, I've got some Weight Watcher training to do online too, so I may look at that later, today will be a useful day, I'm recharged after my afternoon of rest yesterday.

Sunday – let's have ya!

Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful, because I know I will.

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