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Monday, 5 June 2017

short one today...

5th June 2017
Don't go forward in anger, love spreads.

I had a busy morning yesterday, my bed was delivered just before 8, they both looked surprised that I wanted it putting upstairs, then it turned out I didn't tick the 'assembled' box and pay the £20 so they left the two big boxes on the floor and told me to have a nice day!  After thinking 'yay, this is going to be fun', I read the instructions '2 man job' apparently, but I managed to do it with just me and a couple of pillows to act as the other 'man' and hold the bars off the floor.  It looks fab, I love it, my bedroom is now complete, now to start planning the kitchen...

After taking my pc to be fixed (again, hopefully this chaps sorted it), walking the dog twice, putting the bed up, then changing my bedding, hoovering and polishing all the rooms, doing my washing, tidying the kitchen I finally collapsed shattered on my chair and enjoyed the One Love concert on the tv, it was excellent, both mom and I thoroughly enjoyed it and we made a donation to do our bit, hope you did too, you could donate a fiver by texting LOVE to 70507.  I hope they've raised an awful lot of money.

My 'diet' wasn't the best again yesterday, my neighbour bought me a box of quality street to say thank you for giving them my old bed, it didn't take mom and me long to demolish them!  Back to healthy today, I'm off to do some shopping after my weigh in and meeting, I don't expect much today but if I don't go we all know where that ends up, so I'll go take it on the chin and move forward.

I've got some chicken defrosted so I think I'll put that to marinade maybe in the rest of that mint stuff I opened last week - if I can find it.

I need some tasty food this week to keep me focused, I didn't buy a loaf yesterday because I knew I'd overeat on it.  I'm trying to get stuff used out the freezer too, so I don't want to be buying too much, I think I'll make a list of what I have got in there and then decide what I can do with it and shop round that.  Yeah I'll go make a cuppa and do that when I've finished this blog.

I've got a stock take to do today, that's more Fit Points I guess, let's look at it from a positive, I'll use it as a chance to have a clear out of the shed, all those steps count. 

Keeping it short this morning, turns out I don't seem to have any sound on my pc this morning, so it's just shut down as I was trying to see if the speaker was plugged in - great joy, I'm going to see if it can be sorted out easily, but I've got lots to do so need to get on. 

Here's to a cracking good day, healthy all the way...

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