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Friday, 9 June 2017

It's gonna be a good day.

9th June 2017
You are entirely up to you...
Friday morning, got my bestie nipping over for lunch, all is good in my world, it won't help my weight loss today won't but I've decided today that's okay, tomorrow I will be doing 100% and all weekend, I have a plan lol...

Seriously though, I've lost 2lb in 2 weeks, I want the half stone by July 13th if possible, and a stone for September, those goals are still in place.

Let's make that even more real for myself, because I have a very short memory and forget those goals, despite having put a sign up in my office!   Today is the 9th June, if I take tomorrow as day 1, that means I have this plan.   

10th June - Day 1
17th June - week 1 done
24th June - week 2 done
1st July - week 3 done
8th July - week 4 done - I will have lost my half stone!
15th July - week 5 done
22nd July - week 6 done
29th July - week 7 done
5th August - week 8 done
12th August - week 9 done
19th August - week 10 done
26th August - week 11 done
2nd September week 12 done
9th September - week 13 and where I will have lost a stone!

That makes it real, notice the language I'm using, I'm writing as if it's definitely going to happen, none of that namby pamby 'I hope', 'I should', 'I want to', not I'm saying it with conviction, "I WILL!" 2lb down, 12lb to go, starting in the morning, actually I won't be ridiculous today, I'll just enjoy lunch and I know it won't be within my Smart Points allowance, the rest of the day will be okay.

Why half stone by July you may be thinking, I've got a big WW meeting thing and as I'm trying to find reasons to focus on, that's good enough, I would like to be half stone lighter, finally shed the Christmas gain and all my clothes will fit better, although I think a new dress may be on the cards, so if you've seen something you think would look great on me, send me a link because these days I'm a lazy shopper too.  Stone by September for my area meeting, I want to get back closer to my official goal and show that I too can do the Smart Points thing and get the results and not just motivate and coach my members to do it!

I'm going to make it through Saturday with what I know I have in the fridge, then Sunday I'm going to do some meal planning when I have time to sit and breathe.  Plus can I order some sunshine please because everything in my life is easier to do when the sun shines.

I have a dog sat behind me, dogging me, he wants to go for a walk, I'm telling him I want to drink my tea and finish blogging, he's pretending he doesn't understand by giving me the look, I know he does, I also know he's going to win and I'll get dressed and take him.  Although it's raining at the moment so I'm going to delay it as long as I can because I had my haircut yesterday and its still looking good this morning, I don't want that spoiling!

Okay I need to type fast because he wants to go, I'll do me some meal planning, I might use my dog walking time to start thinking about ideas, although I enjoy listening to my audio book when I'm walking the dog. 

Yeah I'm off, I can't take this pressure lol, I can't see him but I can feel the sadness, the silent pleading for a walk, I love my crazy life I do.

Here's to a fantastic Friday, be grateful for all you have and all you are because you are truly BeYOUtiful.

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