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Monday, 22 September 2014

Why do we risk our health for a moment of pleasure?

22nd September 2014
If you can’t stop thinking about it – don’t stop working for it!

D-Day or weigh day if I choose not to be dramatic but that really isn’t my style, I haven’t stood on a set of scales since 5.15pm last Monday when I joined my meeting and I have absolutely no idea if I’ve lost weight or not, I’m not one of those people that can ‘feel it’ and tell, I don’t feel any different to any other day.  I was asked by a facebook friend yesterday “How u feeling about tomorrow's weigh in” truth is I wasn’t really feeling or thinking about it at all, my bestie asked me how much I was expecting to lose, again I hadn’t really thought about it.  Sat typing this though, I know come the moment I walk into my meeting I will be expecting a loss and feel apprehensive I guess, we shall see.  All I do know for certain is if I don’t get a weight loss I will be gutted!  I’ve stuck to ProPoints all week, I’ve used everyone of my weeklies and activity ProPoints and I expect a weight loss, any loss will do…

Yesterday I sat in the café with mom whilst she ate carrot cake and drunk a coffee whilst I had a diet coke, this week is McMillan’s coffee morning fundraiser and everyone loves a bit of cake, there’s a delicious looking Lemon & Raspberry Drizzle cake recipe in this week’s your week don’t forget to pick your copy up in your meeting. I’ve been ordered to make Rock Cakes by Jane who’s now 3lb from goal and will have lost a total of 154lb (half her body weight) when she gets there.  Will this week be the week or next maybe, as long as she gets there, no rush I say.

All about healthy and happy, this is always what I strive for in my world, if one’s out of balance I don’t feel right, if we knew the effect something was going to have on our health in 5 or 10 years time would we still do it?  If the after-effects happened immediately would that stop us, the heart attack, the cholesterol levels, the diabetes, etc – if it was instantaneous and happened as soon as you had that greasy fry-up or those hot doughnuts and hot dogs that you all ate when you were leaving the garden centre, would you still order and eat them?  Mmm that was a thought I had when I was listening to an audio book yesterday.  If the illness caused by the behaviour happened immediately would we all be behaving in a different way?  We all seem very blasé about our health, we are told that eating this, that and the other can do us harm, that drinking more than the recommended guidelines is a bad thing and lots of other advise is handed out but still we take our chances, strange folk ain’t we really.

 Is it because some people get away with it so we like the game of chance, who knows, I know I try to mostly go for the healthy option but sometimes I just choose what makes me happy.  I know I’ll be in a supermarket sometimes and see someone filling their trolley picking up food that’s full of fat or cream and it’s obviously from looking that they’re not concerned at all about the effect it’s having on their body and I wonder to myself if they do think about it or if some people just don’t, if some people aren’t concerned with their health, their size or whether it’s having an effect on how long they will last on this earth.  It intrigues me, I’ve almost asked them occasionally, then realised that’s not such a good idea.

Then I’ve read books with evidence that you can be healthy at any weight so I sometimes get confused by all the different messages that are being sent out, so all I can do is what feels right to me, and I guess that’s why I’m back on track because I’ve not felt good the last few week.  My jeans were tight and my digestion felt sluggish, for me it’s not really a visual thing (although I do get bothered by that occasionally, just not often enough for it to bother me enough) it’s a health thing, I don’t want to suffer from ill health because I abused my body with food/drink, I don’t want to have an illness in the future and know it was self inflicted and avoidable!   Told you I could be dramatic!

Here’s a thought, because every food/drink choice you make this week ask yourself if you are contributing to your future good health or not!  Serious for a Monday ain’t I!

Have a great day BeYOUtiful. xx

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