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Monday, 8 September 2014

Deep Sigh! Then a deep breathe and start over.....

8th September 2014
Embrace the glorious mess that you are.  Elizabeth Gilbert

Well I was in bed with night nurse at eight last night, need to get rid of this head cold asap, I have meetings to do and a front garden to replant.  I’m quite excited I’ve just ordered the plants ready so next weekend in-between all the working I have to do, out both Saturday and Sunday for work stuff, I plan to get it all in the garden and then it will have all autumn/window to settle before stunning us next Summer.

Yesterday wine fair was interesting, I realised I am extremely fussy about wine, I came out only really liking the taste of 2 or 3 wines, which is a good thing because it proves I don’t’ drink it just for the sake of it.  I didn’t try the whites because that would’ve ended ugly and believe it or not I was actually throwing some of it away otherwise I’d have been paralytic and I didn’t want that.  Janette who drove me wasn’t drinking at all and she was enjoying watching people get smashed and some not even realising it!

So I lost 1.5lb last week, I was chuffed, this week I’ve gained half and I’m disappointed, not surprised though, it’s been that time of month and I’ve eaten more, I did the wine fair yesterday and was eating crackers to soak up the booze, I was a bit concerned about getting drunk and looking a numpty!  I’ve more than gone over my weekly and activity ProPoints.  So I’ve just had a word with myself and I’m going to do Simple Start from today, getting hardcore as AnnMarie would say!

When I finish my blog I’m going to do my meal plan and get back to basics, I now have 11 weigh-ins till my conference , 15 weigh-ins till Christmas and 16 weigh-ins left of 2014, I will be lighter by the end of the year than I was at the start!  Let’s do this, what are you thinking?  Are you doing this?

Yeah back to basics for sure, I enjoyed the pressing the reset button two weeks ago and really enjoyed my week, I’ve just looked back over my journal from this week and I haven’t really enjoyed much of what I’ve eaten, I’ve just been eating – there’s a massive difference.  I easily answered the questions in my journal at the end of week 1, I struggled to answer them this morning, so yes I’m doing this!  On a positive I’m still filling in the journal, that’s 2 weeks complete.

Yes I need to find a way of reminding myself WHY I want to do this in those moments when tiredness or busy-ness distracts me!  Maybe a sign on the fridge!

Right I’m off because I want to plan my meals, priority number 1, will sort the kitchen and see what I have in and go from there.

Stick to It September!  YEP let’s do this.

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