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Saturday, 6 September 2014

Let's make it through the weekend...

6th September 2014
Progress is impossible without change and those that cannot change their minds cannot change anything.  George Bernard Shaw.

Just been happy to wake up from one of those dreams that you don’t want to be having!   Had a good 9 hours though so caught up on last night’s lack of hours a bit.  Having said that I’m sat here messing about on my Facebook and not writing my blog, brains a big empty this morning apparently!

I’ve got a morning with you Jen, we’re going to the Maize Maze and then picking fruit and veggies from the fields so that’ll earn me some activity ProPoints as well as give me food for the weekend!  I’ve got a busy weekend really, this afternoon I might fit in a garden centre, then tomorrow I’m off to the wine show and Monday I hope to spend all day gardening.  I’ve been spending this week thinking about plants for the front and I think thanks to some advice I know how more or less an image in my head of what I want and I’ve found a good online garden centre that can supply the lot, but I’d still like a drive round a centre or two as there’s nothing like seeing the plants in all their glory.  Wish www.crocus.co.uk was closer as they’re having one of their rare open days today, I’d have enjoyed a look round their centre, it’s huge!

My bestie came yesterday afternoon and we were reasonably behaved food wise so we’re both still on track, for tea we had a fish finger roll (10pp) which was delicious and then we did have a bag of wotsits (2pp) not bad for us when you think about it, so I’m hoping for a little loss on Monday, just the weekend to get through first, which I will despite the wine fair, it’s not like they give you gallons of free wine to taste is it!

I knew if I bought more than 4 rolls and 12 fish fingers we would have had another roll which is why I didn’t because if you on have the food you plan to eat in the house you can only eat that food and can’t be led astray by each other!  The principle if you keep good food in the fridge, you will eat good food is an excellent one and one that does work because you can’t eat what isn’t there!

Right that’s me, short and sweet this morning, got to go wake my mate up cos she’s got to go to work, then I’ll go have some fun with Jen this morning once we’re all fed and watered.

Stay on it, I know it’s Saturday but we’re sticking to it throughout September remember!

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