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Wednesday, 24 September 2014

Macmillan is leading me astray!

24th September 2014
The time will pass anyway, you can either spend it crating the life you want or spend it living the life you don’t.  The choice is yours.

Check me out with my slow cooker Moroccan chicken prepared and in the slow cooker already this morning!  Normally my blog is the first thing I do but I went downstairs to put my phone on charge, put the kettle on and thought I’ll get this on out of the way, so I’ve just been chopping onions and carrots!  I’ve also put 2 jacket potatoes in there in foil as the chickens in a bag so we’ll see if they work out or not later.  I’ll let you know.

My members raised £100 yesterday for Macmillan thanks to coffee and cakes, it cost me a whole chunk of ProPoints though, I just couldn’t resist, they looked so good, Samantha’s marshmallow fudge (3pp x 2) got me I won’t lie but it could’ve been a whole lot worse, I also nibbled a bit off the end of a couple of other things I took for mom and I had a small rock cake so that’s another 8pp easily, I’ve tracked it and I will do my best for the rest of the week but whatever the outcome on the scales next Monday, I’ll take it on the chin, hopefully the extra good week last week will help balance it all out.  But I’m still on track, this is a forever thing, not a quick fix.  As a wise friend commented yesterday, “Everything in life seems to be instant and immediate and we tend to look for that in our weight loss, fitness goals etc. We have to accept that change is gradual and enjoy the ride, however much we want to speed up the process. Feel great on day one, hold onto a little of that magic for day two” yep it’s not who can get there the quickest, it’s who can get there and stay there that really counts!

Even when I’m off track I still eat really well, just too much of it, I eat very little processed food or ready meals, I make everything from scratch most of the time, I may occasionally use a cook in the bag, or a jar sauce or maybe packet rice but my cupboards don’t really have much more in them than tinned beans, tomatoes, tuna and microwave rice.  It’s my fridge, freezer and fresh where most of my shopping is kept.

Back to cakes for a moment, I bought scones for my meeting this week to show the difference when we’re not paying attention and guestimating or pretending it never happened, depending on the size you buy, the ProPoints will be different, these two show that, ones twice the ProPoints of the other!  Also the same packet of for when weighed, 3 of them came out at 8pp, only one weighed 7pp as the packet stated!  try to weigh as much of my food as I can when eating at home, it’s more accurate.

Two more days of coffee and cake I have to get through, I’m going to try and stay away from as much of it as possible, tonight’s will be difficult, Julie and Ellie can bake real good, I can resist the sponge stuff that don’t bother me, but if Julies done her cake pops, I’m going to be in trouble!  And Ellie with her rock cakes, oh dear, I will have to search for my stash of willpower before going out tonight!  We can have our cake and eat it, but we can’t have it every few hours for 3 days, that’s just not going to work well with the scales on weigh day at all.

At least I’m going to have a good meal today, I’m doing F&H today because I’m hungry this week, why?  Because I am, we all have those weeks don’t we, emotional or physical reasons or both, sometimes you just have to make sure you’re not hungry and tempted by the other stuff like cake, that’s my plan today anyway!

Right I’m off to do my paperwork now my lunch is on ready and I’ve enjoyed my mug of tea, love my life I do, hope my mom’s a bit better this morning, she could barely get out of bed yesterday, her knees gone, me and my sister had to take it in turns to walk Alfie, she doesn’t like being housebound my mom!

Have a BeYOUtiful healthy & happy day xx

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