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Wednesday, 17 September 2014

Put 100% in....

17th September 2014
It all begins and ends in your mind.  What you give power to, has power over you.

So me and my big mouth, I only declared in my meeting yesterday morning that I plan to get back into the pair of jeans I bought in 2002 on a cycling holiday in California, now I’ve got to do it! 

My memory is dreadful, so I love it when people remind me of things and Elle (was my member lost 5 stone with me and has been a fellow leader for 9 years I think) did just that yesterday, she reminded me that I lost lots of weight when I trialled the Discover plan for Weight Watchers in 2008 so I checked back at the tracker I’d done that first month and reminded myself I can do this and oddly enough I started that in September too, and the one comment on my tracker I noticed immediately was on day one and I’d wrote “Realised last night, it’s not about eating less, it’s about eating more for less points! That's how I did it before.  It’s true, I like food, I have a big appetite, I’ve gotten lazy and I need to go back to basics.  As Elle stood there as I prepared my salmon and stuffed mushrooms lunch, she made me more aware of what I was doing, she questioned me on how many ProPoints were in my St Agur, would I have ProPointed so accurately had she not been there?  I’m not sure, I think possibly not, after getting myself a leader last night, Elle turning up at my house was perfect timing and just that little bit extra I needed to remind me I am going to do this and get back to my goal. That’s the first time I’ve wrote that I think, I usually say lose weight because up until yesterday I didn’t think I could get to my actual goal, but I can and I will.  

One other thing that happened that told me I am more than capable of achieving my goal weight was a conversation at the scales, I don’t normally share such chats but this one put me nicely in my place!  The new member weighing in on her 2nd week after doing week 1 Simple Start said, "I've followed the plan exactly as you told me to".  She got on my scales and had lost an incredible 8lb, after we celebrated I commented, “I followed Simple Start this week and stayed the same", she looked at me smiling and asked, “"But did you follow it the same way as you told me to!"  BANG, she was right, I thought to myself she'd make a great leader as I realised and admitted that I hadn’t followed it exactly how I'd told her to!  She was proof that if you put 100% in, you can get incredible results!

Last night as I was making tuna and sweetcorn mayo to go on my jacket potato, I found one example of where I hadn’t done the plan 100% last week, Hellmanns light mayonnaise, I’d had it Sunday on thins and just squirted it without weighing, last night I put the tuna and sweetcorn in a bowl, popped it on my Weight Watcher scales and squeezed 50g of mayo in then mixed it up, thinking I was being good using 50g, then I inputted the nutritional information and realised I’d just added 4pp worth of mayonnaise, ouch, I thought it would be about 2pp, what’s light about 4pp!   They mayo was more ProPoints that in the tuna and sweetcorn together!

So my scales will be being used for everything from now on, I can’t blame the middle-aged spread for weight gain or lack of weight loss, but I can blame not doing the things I used to do when I had weight loss success, such as weighing food, eating a variety of low ProPointed Filling & Healthy foods, drinking less wine, moving more.  These are the things I need to do if I want to lose weight, realisation isn’t it!

So yesterday I ended on 26pp ;) and I didn’t fiddle the numbers either, my breakfast was egg (2pp), 2 slices brown bread (small slices) (3pp), mushrooms.  I snacked on a banana and nectarine, then for lunch we had salmon and stuffed mushrooms (9pp), and my tea was jacket potato with tuna and sweetcorn mayo (12pp), mom had the other half of the tuna mixture, if I hadn’t measured the mayo, I’d have probably eaten it all!  I also earned 3pp on my Pedometer.

About half eight last night I did fancy a glass of wine, but decided I want a weight loss at my meeting on Monday more!  Long may this determination continue!

Today I think I’m going to make a cauliflower cheese, a lighter version and a sensible portion size, and I think I’ll do the beef curry again that I made last week because I can have some for tea tonight and some tomorrow, here’s to a fab day BeYOUtiful, make yours count too!

You’ve got to be in it, to win it….

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