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Sunday, 7 September 2014

love my simple life.

7th September 2014
The only thing you can really control is how you react to things out of your control.  Bassam Tarazi

Boo woken up by a sore throat in the night, I’ve felt I’d got something coming on for a few days now; hopefully it’ll be short lived!  I’ll keep my fluids up, that’ll help (& I don’t mean wine!) I ain’t got time for illness, too much to do in my garden over the next few weeks and a wine fair to go to later. 

We had a great day yesterday, Jen and I went to do the maize maze at Essington then we picked fruit and veggies, it’s a great morning and you get to take food home – win, win really!  We met Jens mom for lunch at the garden centre and we both opted for filling and healthy options and Jen actually chose to eat all her lunch and leave her cake even though we’d given her option of eating her cake first, yep she’s a girl growing up with a healthy balanced attitude to food, she eats when she’s hungry and stops when she’s full, sometimes she eats more than others and that’s how it should be.  

I had an hour in my garden planting some pansies on the afternoon before sitting out the back and chilling for a while, I’ve been bitten by something though, I actually felt it bite my neck when we were walking through the field, ouch is all I’ll say!

Looks like we’re in for a week of sunshine, how fab is that, I’m going to order my new plants today I think, then I’ll be able to get them in over the weekend, I’ve read that autumn or spring is the best time to plant a perennial border and as I’m in the mood for it now, I’m going to get it done out the way because I know come spring I may not feel the same way, I have to do stuff when the mood takes me, so yep that’s my next job, ordering plants.

Oh and my Sunday morning new task of placing next week’s online shop, although I may be able to not order anything at all this week, I might just nip into the supermarket for a few fresh things if I can’t make a free order up – I don’t like paying for delivery!

I did a cook in the bag yesterday and put it in the slow cooker, it worked a treat, whole chicken, I did leave the skin on this time but I removed the skin to serve it, and it’s fallen off the bones, definitely works, and next time I’ll do it without the skin to see how that turns out, I reckon it’ll be fine though.

I do love my simple life when I haven’t got anything to stress about other than making dinner, going to work and getting the garden done.  As long as I don’t stay away from home too long moms good too, I do notice a change in her when I’m out a lot which is why I try not to do it, if I plan a day out, it’s only now and again so that it doesn’t impact her too much.  Her repetitiveness (dementia) gets worse if I’m away for too long at a time, being alone with time to think is the cause I believe and as I enjoy being at home mostly anyway it’s no hardship for me to work my timetable round her.  Next weekend is a bit busy but I’ll make sure I’m at home as much as possible inbetween the two appointments I have. 

Anyway I’m rambling and I need a cup of tea so have a super Sunday, chill out if you can and enjoy life, because we only get one, make sure you’re happy with yours, I love mine :)

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