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Sunday, 21 September 2014

I'm off for a walk, what you doing?

21st September 2014
It all begins and ends in your mind.  What you give power to, has power over you.

I’m not gonna lie, staying on track yesterday wasn’t easy but I did it, I wasn’t hungry I was without something to do, not bored exactly just not wanting to get off my backside and do anything, happy sitting around, but there wasn’t anything worth watching on tv either, and mom had just told me the story of the lady, her kids and Alfie for the third time today and I wanted something else to eat!  Then I realised I didn’t I was just looking for a distraction from this situation so instead I got up and went and made a cuppa then mom and me had a giggle over her crossword clues and finally found something to watch on TV, by then I’d forgotten that I wanted to eat.  Habits aren’t easy to break but they can be done if it’s important enough to you and this week it’s important to me to lose weight, to prove that I can be in control of my own behaviour and not led astray by the thoughts my mind has decided to believe.

Made Rose’s chicken stew, it was nice but not as good as the one she cooked, I’ll have to pay her to cook for me ;) still have 9 activity ProPoints to play with today so I’m going to cook something delicious for lunch, need to decide what, think I’ll go shopping too, rock and roll my life!   I’m hoping today’s going to be a nice one, need to get into the garden and do a bit of tidying up and getting a few more bulbs in pots.

If it’s grim out today, I’ve just realised I have my rocking chair project to complete so that could be something to stop me thinking ‘food’.  I also need to give the kitchen a good clean so I think I’ll start with that job and see where it leads.  I do fancy cooking something delicious, there was a delicious looking bake recipe in this week’s your week, I’m going to do something similar but not the same, I fancy layering bacon, potatoes, onions, a tin of Batchelors condensed soup and throwing in a handful of frozen peas maybe and some mushrooms, I’m thinking as I’m typing, might even put a bit of cheese on the top!  Ooo could eat that right now, is that bad at 6.30am!

On my to cook/eat list this week I have fish finger sandwiches, Bengali coconut curry (packet thing in cupboard needs using!), corned beef hash and cheese and potato pie, mmm most of that is good comfort food.

In between writing this I’m searching for a good book to read, that’s my problem at the moment, I can’t focus on one thing long enough to do it, my minds busy and it needs to calm down so that I can concentrate!  I might download an audio book and go take Alfie for a walk or even myself if he doesn’t want to come!  Yeah that’s a plan, I’m off for a walk, its light out now and dry so no excuses and it’ll set me up for the day.

Right I’m off, catch ya tomo, enjoy your day BeYOUtiful. xx

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