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Friday, 26 September 2014

Off to see the poppies I am :)

26th September 2014
Life goes by fast.  Enjoy it.  Calm down.  It’s all funny.  Joan Rivers

Another great week in my meetings not only did we raise £216.50 for MacMillan by eating cake, my awesome members lost 401lb at the scales, which is fabulous, three of my BeYOUtiful ladies all achieved their 5 stone targets, well done Ellie, AnnMarie and Victoria, just an inspiration to everyone.  Yes nothing tops a smiling face at the scales, it really is a sight to behold but as I proved Monday nothing quite compares to a case of the sulks when those scales don’t make you smile, I’ve seen a handful of those cases too this week, but we’re all good we’ve worked through them together and come out the other side.

So today I’m off to London to see the Poppies www.poppies.hrp.org.uk. I’m really looking forward to it and I’ve decided to have a totally Weight Watcher free day, once I’m in the taxi to the station, so I won’t be ProPointing anything nor basing my food choices on what’s best for me!  I’ve already been led astray this week by MacMillan and curry flavour chip sticks, so I will wipe the slate clean on Saturday and get back on it properly, but today I will just enjoy my day and have whatever I fancy.  I won’t be treating it as a binge festival though, I don’t mean it like that, I have no desire to make myself ill.

Only 97% sleep efficiency last night according to my fit bit! That’ll be because I had to get up to use the loo and also Alfie woke me a couple of times tap dancing on my wooden floor – you gotta love a dog!  I also didn’t quite reach my water intake requirement yesterday, I opted for tea over water a few too many times I think, I might start drinking hot water again, I do actually like it so that’s a good way of drinking water now the weathers getting cooler.

I’m suddenly aware of my age, I have a wonderful day out planned and all I’ve been thinking about is what I will wear on my feet so I’m comfortable, I don’t care what the rest of me looks like as long as my feet don’t hurt – love being middle-aged I do!  Lots of walking, earning activity ProPoints to compensate for all the cake I’ve consumed this week, I’m not wearing my pedometer though, I’ll have my fitbit on so I’ll know the steps and distance anyway.

Right as much as I’d like to stay and type, I’ve got paperwork to do before I can board my train, so have a BeYOUtiful day, I’m going to, I have my kindle for on the train and my camera to take lots of photos, I’m looking forward to meeting up with a friend for a wonderful afternoon enjoying a piece of history.

Oh one last thing, I can highly recommend the Chocolate & Beetroot Brownies on page 72 of the August edition of the Weight Watchers magazine, one of my members bought them in last night, mmmm for 4pp a square.  She cut them smaller so we just got a sample.... HONEST! 

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