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Saturday, 27 September 2014

A lovely day complete with blisters...

27th September 2014
Don’t just be good to others, be good to yourself too.

Wonderful day was had yesterday, there’s nothing better than meeting up with someone who you haven’t seen for over a year and it’s as if it was yesterday, we had a lovely day.  The poppies at the Tower are incredible, I knew they would be and that was my main reason for the day out, they certainly are worth a trip to London.

I wore my converse because I didn’t think I could walk in slip on sandals all day and I couldn’t find my other really comfy sandals (mom tidies up!) but apparently converse aren’t that comfy, blister on little toe and the balls of my feets were sore by the time we got to the river for lunch, luckily I’d put my slip on sandals in my bag so swapped footwear, turns out I can walk in them and I think they saved my feet from blood and further blisters!  Trainers or walking boots next time for sure!

We ate at The Swan which is attached to the Globe theatre, instead of a main we ordered starter and dessert, good job because the starter was really filling, Aubergine Caponata, I’m not usually a fan of aubergine but this was delicious, I expected it to be a warm dish, it came cold yet still really tasty and enjoyable, something I’d make myself, to eat warm though as a stew type dish.

I’m having a right game uploading my photos onto facebook, it doesn’t want to play at all this morning!  Frustrating when you have other things to be doing :), hey ho I’ll keep trying.

So after lunch we walked don’t to the tower to view the incredible poppies, what a sight, interesting to watch people’s reactions, notice how the grass is already growing through them in places and we even saw a volunteer drop and break one – oops, that’s £25 down the swanny!  Seriously though it really is worth jumping on a train between now and remembrance Sunday and having a look, the mere fact that every one of those poppies represents a soldier’s life is breathtaking.  I know the poppies will be removed in November but how fantastic would it be if they decided to scatter thousands of red poppy seeds in the Tower moat so that every year we remember, I think that would be just incredible.  If you haven’t already I really do urge you to go and watch the short video of the making of them http://poppies.hrp.org.uk/ Just imagine, 888,246 poppies, that’s one poppy for each British fatality in the First World War.

Both of us wearing our badges of blisters we decided to jump on a boat to get us back nearer to Covent Garden, so for a tenner each we were enjoying a boat trip to Westminster with fabulous amusing commentary, we laughed out loud quite a few times, once when no one else did, his witty didn’t go over our heads at all.

When were stopped outside Westminster by a reporter with her video camera, she was from ABC and was after British people to interview about the voting in the house of commons that was going on, as I don’t watch news or read papers I looked at her blankly, Liz was torn between the chance of being on the tele and the fact we would look totally dumb as we didn’t know her stuff, thankfully she declined and instead we jumped in a taxi to Covent Garden (£6 I thought that wasn’t bad really!  My feet were very grateful) we’d already covered about 7 mile walking, that was enough.  Covent Garden’s great if you have lots of money, we meandered, we were encouraged out of the Whittards tea shop by the Chinese assistant, she wasn’t impressed I said her apple crumble tea smelt like air freshener and looked like Pot Pourri, Liz liked it and bought the White Chocolate flavour, I’ll stick to PG!

All in all it was a fab day, finished off lovely by a half price cardigan purchase at Euston stations Fat Face and then I’d got a First Class seat for £16 on the way home so I was sat in comfort.  Amusingly I was sat opposite a lovely young lady who was extremely excited to find out not only did we get a free sandwich but a free glass of wine too!  It was the ‘Quiet Zone’ but she was far too excited to be anything near quiet, and no one seemed to mind because her enthusiasm really was infectious, she was lovely.

It’s now 7.30am, I’m uploading my pictures one at a time, as it won’t work otherwise, hey ho, I’ll do a little reading whilst I’m doing it, I managed 5 chapters of a new book yesterday, first time I’ve been able to concentrate to read in a long time, and I think it’s going to be an enjoyable read, “The Story of Us” by Dani Atkins, it’s only 59p on Kindle too, bargain.  Other than maybe plant a few bulbs, I think I may just spend the rest of my weekend reading and chilling with my mom, tis a good life.

However you’re spending yours, enjoy it BeYOUtiful. xx

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