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Friday, 5 September 2014

And then what....

5th September 2014
You're good enough, never forget that, you are and will never be just 'a body' you're a mind, a soul and a BeYOUtiful human being & that's what matters – you’re not the vessel it's housed it. xx

Well it’s silly o’clock and I’ve been awake since 3am, you’ve got to love the body clock when it decides it doesn’t want to be asleep, so here I am after giving up on trying to get back to sleep, accepting my awakeness and about to get my paperwork done a little earlier than usual.
Another great week in my meetings this week, 365lb lost and so great to see so many moms returning to get back to normal after sending the kids back to school after the long six weeks holiday!  So far this year my members have lost 7 tonne, to put that into perspective that’s the equivalent weight of a London Double Decker bus or a male African bull elephant!  Just incredible! 

We’ve talked about ‘me time’ this week and making ourselves a priority, easier said than done sometimes I know.  I also had a chat with a fabulous lady who’s not in a great place right now, she’s unhappy in her job but feels trapped, oh how I related to that, the conversation we were having took me back 9 years when I was unhappy in mine and had been for a while, but like here I was staying because the money was good, because of the pension, etc etc etc, anyone who’s been in this situation knows what I’m talking about.  Thankfully back then a gentleman got me to play the “and then what” game!  It’s a horrible game but really helped me sort my head out and make some drastic decisions and it can be used in any situation you’re uncomfortable or unhappy with.  It goes like this, we’ll use the job thing as an example;

I hate my job but I can’t afford to leave and I’ll lose my pension if I do.
So you leave, lose your pension and then what?
I haven’t got a pension!
And then what?
I’ll be a poor pensioner?
Will you really? And if you are, then what?

And so it goes, whatever your problem, keep saying “and then what” and take yourself to the worse case scenario, I did it back then and the worst scenario I could come up with was I wouldn’t be able to pay my mortgage and I’d lose my house and be homeless!  And she the bloke kept saying ‘and then what’.  I remember getting angry, frustrated with him and then finally upset, actually I think I cried for an entire day realising fear was keeping me stuck in a situation that was making me extremely unhappy.  It’s no good having a guaranteed pension if you’re spending your middle age years as miserable as sin!  I handed my notice in two days later, it would have been the day after but that was a Sunday, it was maybe the most spontaneous – some would say reckless thing I have ever done.  Walking away from a good stable income to no guaranteed income, I had 2 or 3 Weight Watcher meetings at the time which wouldn’t have fed me let alone pay my mortgage, but it was the best thing I’ve ever done.  It was a tough financial time but it’s amazing how much less you can live on when you have no choice.  How asking yourself the question ‘do I need this or want this’ can save you an absolute fortune and looking around for cheaper options especially where foods concerned.  

Yeah I think the “and then what” game can really help you refocus on a situation, not just a job but anything, even your weight loss journey.

Right I need a cuppa, 5am and been up 2 hours, how mad is that, might have to down a couple of painkillers too, lovely stomach cramps – great being female isn’t it!  On the plus side I might have ten minutes to play my 5 lives of Candy Crush.  

Got my bestie coming later so in for a lovely afternoon of laughter, I hope your looking forward to your Friday as much.  Have a great day BeYOUtiful.

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