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Sunday, 28 September 2014

Make the life you want!

28th September 2014
Instead of wondering when your next vacation is, maybe you should set up a life you don’t need to escape from.  Seth Godin

My fitbits telling me I’ve had 8hours 59 minutes of uninterrupted sleep, I didn’t really need my fitbit to tell me as I can feel it, feel really rested this morning, I’ve even just lay there reading for half hour this morning and that’s how I think the day will continue, this weekend is mostly about me, not work, not Weight Watchers but me and of course my lovely mother, I thoroughly enjoyed my day out Friday, yesterday I had a fantastic massage and chilled with my mom all afternoon, I made us afternoon tea (instead of lunch & dinner), we had sandwiches - ham & beetroot, cucumber, egg and ready salted crisps, plus of course the obligatory jam and cream scone, we then sat and watched a film (Jack Ryan) followed by two episodes of X Factor before having an early night.

Today I’m thinking more of the same, relaxation, maybe planting a few garden bulbs and reading my book in the garden whilst recharging my batteries, perfect weekend.  As my friend Liz said Friday when we were chatting “We make the life we want” and I’ve most certainly done that, I’m all for a quiet, uncomplicated, peaceful life that’s for sure.  

Speaking of Friday, here are the photo's for anyone that's interested https://www.facebook.com/media/set/?set=a.10152632919575862.1073741888.595730861&type=1&l=cff2578138 in true Beverley style, there's a lot of them!

I shall walk Alfie in a bit despite the 4 blisters, one of each little toe and two in the crease of the balls of your foot, thank the universe for thick fluffy socks and walking boots I say and next time I go to London, I shall wear them too!

This week hasn’t been a very ‘on track’ week to be honest, it started with a 1/2lb weight loss, I got kidnapped and force fed cake by MacMillan, Sheila my helper led me astray with curry flavour chip sticks, I was made to partake in G&T’s in First Class on the train and because I’m due on any day, I went along willingly with a “yeah who care - let’s do it” attitude!  The good thing is I did it knowing 100% that it was a short term thing and I’d get back to my usual healthy eating routine soon enough. 

That’s the beauty of Weight Watchers, it helps you change your relationship with food forever, it’s not a deprivation diet, those that don’t work because you starve yourself short term, or you eat weird combinations of food to lose weight, there’s none of that.  With Weight Watchers you can find a way to eat that suits you, as an individual, it’s not a one size fits all plan.  So just like Liz said we make the life we want, with Weight Watchers we can ‘make the diet we want’ too and by ‘diet’ I mean in the context of the food we choose to eat to help us achieve the body we want without deprivation, misery or feeling like it’s a torturous journey.  Food should be a friend not a foe, eating should be enjoyable, foods shouldn’t be labelled ‘good’ or ‘bad’, nothing should be a ‘sin’ or a ‘syn’ depending on how you spell it!  Everything in moderation is the answer, loving yourself enough to realise you want to treat your body with respect, to feed it nutritious, delicious food not convenient, unhealthy junk.

Yep, having a good respect for my body and a whole lot of self love has meant that today I’ve woke up thinking about making a good healthy lunch full of lots of fresh vegetables, it’s meant that although I haven’t been following the weight loss plan well the last few days, I also haven’t sat and stuffed my face.  When I’ve indulged, it’s been controlled, reasonable and enjoyed, not with the attitude let’s eat as much and as badly as possible whilst I’m ‘off track’.  How come?  Because I’ve changed my relationship with food forever, yes my weight may fluctuate but it doesn’t carry on going up an up and up, it fluctuates because of life and things that are happening.  So maybe when things change, such as my work schedule gets really busy, I may get caught out and gain a couple of pounds but it comes off when I slow down or when I realise what’s happening and do something to help me stay in control despite the rush.  Having lots of social events all come along at once can make a difference at the scales, but again once things get back to normal so does my weight.

Yep, we make the life we want and the body, and if yours isn’t quite what you want it to be, guess what, you keep working on it till it is, no one’s perfect, we all do things we said we would never do, but guess what you may be your problem, but you’re also your own solution! 

Here’s to making the life you want BeYOUtiful, have a very healthy & happy day.

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