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Thursday, 18 September 2014

I can do this & so can you!

18th September 2014
At first glance it may appear too hard.  Look again, always look again.

It’s that time of year, it was dark when I left work last night and it’s pitch black out there this morning, we’re entering Autumn, it’ll be 2015 before we know it, scary how quick this year has gone it really is! 

Another good day yesterday, ended on 27pp and I’m changing my attitude this week and realising yes I may have done all this before but you know what I’m going to do it all again because I’m a work in progress, it take time to create a masterpiece what can I say!  Yep I’ve changed my ‘I can’t’ into ‘hell yeah I can!’ and it’s working so far.  Meals yesterday were (photos on my facebook page https://www.facebook.com/WWBev),

Breakfast – egg,  mushroom, bacon, toast. 6pp

Snack – banana

Lunch – smoked haddock (222g) tomato rice (1/2 packet) cauliflower 8pp

Tea – jacket potato with bacon, mushrooms, peppers, courgette & philidelphia light 8pp

Glass of wine – 6pp

I’ve been saying for months ‘I can’t live on 26pp’ well guess what – yeah I can!  That’s two days now and I’m not hungry, I haven’t woke up starving, if you eat the good food and make the right choices you can eat really well on 26pp a day and 49pp weeklies.

Sometimes you just need someone to remind you that you can do it, that’s why Weight Watchers works, it’s why I went back to a meeting because I needed that leader, she did say to me “what can I teach you about Weight Watchers that you don’t already know”, maybe she can’t but as I said back she can remind me and ensure that I do those things I know, that’s the difference.  We all know WHAT TO DO, it’s doing it that makes the difference, no one ever got to goal saying “I know how to do it”, you have to do it to get where you want to be.

If I wasn’t on track there’d have been more phili light and less of the veggies in my tea, it’s amazing what you can get for 1pp when you weigh it, Weight Watcher ProPoint scales are pride of place in the kitchen once again!

We didn’t have curry in the end because my BeYOUtiful mom turned the slow cooker off again by accident, it’s easily done and she doesn’t know how to reset it, so we’ll have the curry today instead.

I’m aiming to get back to my goal weight for Christmas, I won’t cry if I do get exactly back but if I don’t aim at something I won’t get anywhere!

So my challenge to you today is to challenge your thoughts, those little beliefs you’ve decided are true, like “I can’t live on 26pp a day” or “I’ll never get there” or “I can’t lose weight this week, I’m out Friday night”, whatever it is that’s holding you back, ask yourself is it true, can you turn it around and work on a weight loss next week and the week after, can you tweak your habits so that you lose weight every week and achieve your goal.  I know I can, I’ve done it before and I know you can because I’ve seen so many do it once they put their mind to it – make me proud – let’s do this BeYOUtiful.

Say this loud;

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