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Thursday, 25 September 2014

I slept well according to my fitbit!

25th September 2014
Our greatest weakness lies in giving up.  The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

Not keen on this getting up in the dark lark, I’ll get used to it I’m sure but for now I’m sat here thinking “brrr” and wanting a cup of tea but drinking my pint of water instead, I’ll put kettle on when I’ve finished my blog.

Our MacMillan coffee and cake events are going well this week, I haven’t added it all up, I’ll probably do that Saturday as I’m out all day tomorrow and won’t get time but I know we’ll have over £200 which I think is fantastic.  I resisted much better yesterday, I had to stay away from Sam’s chocolate fudge stuff, it’s dangerous and limited myself to only one of Julie’s cake pops, I don’t do sponge normally but that lady makes a mean sponge cake!

Then one of my fabulous members cooked my tea, she made me a bowl of grey pease, nom nom, for anyone who doesn’t know about them, it’s a local dish that looks disgusting but tastes great and is very popular around bonfire night so if you’re a fan and fancy making some, if you use bacon medallions or lean gammon they’d be F&H, otherwise I ProPoint the dried peas as if they were chick peas which are 9pp per 100g dried weight, then I ProPoint the bacon, add it all together and divide between how many portions you end up with.

I received a new gadget in the post yesterday, a fitbit, I think this may be the motivation I need to move more, although I did 22,000 steps on my pedometer yesterday which isn’t too shabby at all, but what the fitbit enables you to do is so much more, it doesn’t just count your steps, you can compare/compete and interact with friends too.  And awesome it logs your sleep if you want it to, so I’ve just synced it and last night I slept for 7 hours 11 minutes, I was awake 14 minutes and restless for 20 minutes, apparently it took me 11 minutes to fall asleep - how cool is that, love info I do :) it even has a silent alarm on it that woke me up this morning, really impressed with my little gadget so far I am, I do need to see what else it can do though.  The really exciting bit (which I think I can say, don’t think it’s confidential – oops if it still is) is that they will soon be on sale in Weight Watcher meetings (beginning of November) and we’ll be able to sync them with our Weight Watcher esource accounts to exchange the steps for Activity ProPoints which is awesome!  Can’t wait to see how many steps I clock up round London tomorrow, I managed almost 8,000 steps on it yesterday and I didn’t start wearing it till around 1pm so impressed! 

Just noticed it’s telling me I need to drink 1893ml of water a day, so I’ve done my first pint glass, that will be my thing this week I think to ensure I drink my 2 litres a day and hit 10,000 steps.  I’m already going to be over on my ProPoints over the week thanks to MacMillan and the diet demon inside but that doesn’t mean I can’t be as good as possible until weigh day.  As of today, I’ve used all my weeklies and I have 2 activity ProPoints left, so maybe…… just maybe……. I could be much better for the rest of the week and not do too much damage, earn lots of ProPoints and do F&H mostly.  As the friend I’m meeting in London doesn’t do the underground we’ll be doing lots of walking and/or cycling, that’ll help.

Right water drunk, tea needed, let’s be doing this, I refuse to say “sod it” to the rest of this week, I will refocus, go see what’s in the kitchen for today, actually we had a Moroccan chicken yesterday which was completely F&H apart from the 3pp for the packet mix as it was a cook in the bag, but that was over four portions.  I also cooked my jackets in the slow cooker with the bag and it worked a treat, they were bang on, just popped em in the oven to crisp up but if you weren’t bothered about crisp skin they’d be good to go, I wrapped them in foil to cook in slow cooker and put cook in bag by side of them, think I put them in for 8 hours.

Here’s to a great day BeYOUtiful – you in?

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