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Friday, 19 September 2014

Challenging my beliefs!

19th September 2014
The difference between who you are and who you want to be… is what you do.

Wide awake at 4am, you’ve gotta love mornings like that at least I’ll have a head start on my paperwork!  The first thing I’ve done is check on the Scottish Referendum result, I have many Scottish friends waiting to see the outcome and although I don’t know a thing about politics I know it’s very important to them, at least they’ve got to make the choice, so now to wait.

Yesterday was another day on track for me, ended on 36pp as I planned my Thursday night glass (actually 2) of red, we had Peri Peri chicken for lunch using Nandos marinade, I wouldn’t be fussed with having that again, the wedges were good though, made them in Actifry, didn’t use the oil just sprayed them with olive oil frylight and crumbled an oxo cube over them, mmm tasty.

I have to say one of the tastiest things I’ve eaten this week is a nectarine, I rarely eat fruit and the ones I bought are so juicy and sweet, they’re delicious!   The second tastiest would have to be my slice of back bacon I’m having for breakfast, the fat from the slice is cooking my mushrooms lovely and all for just 2pp, worth the extra I have to say, you can keep that F&H medallion this week, I’m enjoying my ProPoints.

Well today is the true test of whether I’m going to stay on track, we’re off out for lunch, four of us at the Boat https://www.facebook.com/boat.lichfield?fref=ts and I’ve still got 24 weeklies left and 13 Activity ProPoints, I plan to stay on track, shall have fruit for breakfast and then enjoy my lunch, they won’t be huge portions because it’s good food.  They’ve got a new head chef so we’ll be seeing if he lives up to the brilliant last one. 

Then to make it through the weekend, which I will, I’m doing this, I want a weight loss on Monday, I was just going to type “I’m losing a stone by Christmas” and I thought to myself if I type it, that means I’ve got to do it and what if I can’t!  You’ve got to believe to achieve haven’t you so yes I’m going to lose a stone by Christmas, that’s my goal, that’s my plan, 14 weigh-ins for me;

1.            22/9
2.            29/9
3.            6/10
4.            13/10
5.            20/10
6.            27/10
7.            3/11
8.            10/11
9.            17/11
10.         24/11
11.         1/12
12.         8/12
13.         15/12
14.         22/12

14 more Mondays, I can do this, yes there will be lunches and I know to 2 days out I have planned but that doesn’t mean I can’t still lose a stone in 14 weeks, writing it down makes it real!  It’s easy to write/type/say when I’m mid cycle and smiling, I intend to keep that commitment for the entire month, I’m challenging the thoughts in my mind.

We all have beliefs that can be long standing ones or new ones that we’ve decided are true and over the last year or so I’ve convinced myself I can’t live on 26pp a day it isn’t enough, well I’ve disproved that belief over the last 3 days, I absolutely can live on 26pp a day and I haven’t been hungry at all!  I’ve also been telling myself that my hormones are playing a huge part in my eating behaviour well it’s time to take back that control and sort that out, this month I’m taking back my power!  I’m putting in place those healthy habits that have in the past helped me lose weight, starting with a pint of water each morning; it makes a difference, psychologically for a start because it’s me setting the healthy scene for myself for the day.  I will be in the garden this weekend and catching up on paperwork instead of slobbing in front of the tv all day long!  Lastly I shall be thinking before I eat and planning and cooking some low ProPointed healthy meals, my cook books are going to be making reappearance, I’ve been using the meat out of the freezer so they’ll be some room for other stuff.  I’m already feeling the love for a corned beef hash, all ProPointed and within allowance of course. 

Your mission should you choose to accept it is to set yourself some goals, they don’t have to be long term ones, it doesn’t have to be what you’ll achieve by Christmas, it could be just to decide what happens this week!  I’ve set myself a few, first silver 7, 5%, under the stone bracket, completing all 12 weeks in my journal.  Anything that will motivate me and remind me to stay on track!

Let’s have a fantastic Friday BeYOUtiful.  We can do this.

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