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Tuesday, 9 September 2014

I've stopped excusing my excuses!

9th September 2014
Your future begins with your next thought! B Gill

Why are head colds always worse at night!  Another early night for me last night, after a really productive day though, spent a good 7 hours at my desk catching up on stuff then had 3 hours in the garden digging out a border, it’s not finished but I filled all my neighbours green bins.

I don’t know if it was because I was feeling poorly yesterday but I felt pretty low and gaining 1/2lb on the scales for the first time in a very long time really affected me in a negative way.  My mood stayed low for most of the day, and then I realised the person I am today is made up of all the choices I’ve made in my life so far, if I want to be a different person – I have to start making different choices!  If I want to lose weight, I have to start making different food choices, I can’t continue eating/drinking in the way I have been and expect different results!  That’s just silly!  So yesterday I spent some of that time sat at my desk thinking about what I’ve been doing, and what needs changing because once you know what the problem is, you can start to fix it.  I don’t necessarily need to know why I’ve been behaving in a certain way or overeating; I just need to know what and how to change.  And in answer to the age old question “what’s stopping you” the true answer is NOTHING apart from myself!

I don’t often have a day where I feel sorry for myself but yesterday I allowed it, I had a real pity party it lasted until the afternoon, I could feel it wearing off about the same time as I went into my garden.  On the rare occasions I do throw myself a pity part, I always remind myself that as long as I’m alive I’ll be okay and if I’m not feeling okay, I’ll do everything in my power to change it!  Why, because wallowing in self-pity ain’t pretty and it ain’t much fun either, crying makes you snotty (which is even worse if you already have a head cold can I add!) and there’s nothing fun about feeling lousy.  I can’t imagine why anyone would want to feel how I did yesterday morning for any length of time, it’s horrid. 

I listened to some self coaching audio stuff whilst I was working, I didn’t hear everything that was being said but I heard enough and I then worked out why I was feeling this way and worked out what needed to happen to stop me feeling this way.  If losing weight was suddenly that important to me, then I needed to do it, work out what I needed to change/adapt/replace in my house/life in order to do it and get on with it because feeling sorry for myself and sulking doesn’t burn calories!  Digging my garden over for 3 hours does!

I still feel a big crappy this morning but only because I have a head cold, the determined ‘sort this out’ me is back with a vengeance, there’s never been a situation myself or anyone reading this hasn’t coped with, how do I know, because I’m here typing and you’re about to read it.  How incredible are we that no matter what life has thrown at us, we’ve made it through!  Think of all the difficult things in your life you’ve survived, weight loss should be a breeze shouldn’t it once you decide you’re ready!  And ready is what I am, I’ve started Simple Start yesterday, I’ve got right back to basics, my meals yesterday were;

Breakfast - 2 dry fried egg & mushrooms on 2 crumpets
Snack – banana and a slice of boiled ham
Lunch – wholewheat pasta, pepper, courgette, peas & sweetcorn (there was chicken too but my dog relieved me of that!)

Dinner – Steak (all fat removed), jacket potato, tomato

Snack – 1 crumpet

Treat (a small amount of WW low fat spread on jacket potato)

Didn’t have second treat because we went to bed and I didn’t need anything, had saved it in case I wanted a small glass of wine, then decided against it. 

Today we’re having salmon and brown rice for lunch probably, actually no I have so many potatoes in the cupboard (over ordered) we better have them, mmm boiled potatoes maybe.  Then for tea I’m thinking beans on toast.  I also have some fresh corn on the cob I might do with our lunch I think. 

Doing it like I mean it!  Are you?

Okay I’m away to get ready for my day, so remember BeYOUtiful a positive mind can achieve so much more!

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