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Tuesday, 2 September 2014

Starvation September won't work!

2nd September 2014
Be an encourager – one sincere word of encouragement after failure is worth more than a day of praise after success! A Chernoff
Fab day yesterday, took mom to the dentist then we nipped to the Hollybush garden centre where she ate cake and I drank coffee before having a browse round the plants.  I then spent a good 3 hours digging out all the plants in two of my front garden borders, I didn’t think I was strong enough to get the two shrubs out, however with a bit of persistence and patience I managed it by digging round the sides rather than trying to use brute force.  Bit like weight loss success really, persistence and patience pays off in the end!

Okay the theme for the month is “Stick to It September” and it’s great to see so many of my members sign up to this yesterday in my facebook group, I shall be getting the rest of them onboard in my meetings this week.  September is a great month to really get yourself refocused and motivated if you’ve had a Summer which has been the opposite, or even to continue the success you’ve already had throughout the year. 

I love seeing my members do well, losing weight and enjoying their food, using all their weekly allowance because that’s how the plans designed, those weeklies are there to be enjoyed, to be used in whatever way suits you best.  Occasionally I get asked if it’s better not to use those weeklies so that they lose weight quicker – my answer is always NO!   Your weekly ProPoints allowance may be optional, however Weight Watchers give you these extra ProPoints each week so you enjoy treats in a controlled way and feel less deprived, and as they say “this could actually help you lose weight. If you eat to your allowance every day and also use your full weekly allowance every week, you’ll still be on the right side of the weight-loss equation.”  I would like to add DEPRIVATION DOESN’T WORK!   Maybe short term but not for long term success it doesn’t and if you’re not having those weeklies to hope to see quicker results you’re going towards that “diet mentality” rather than a healthy eating weight loss plan.  As soon as you restrict food you want it, which is why Weight Watchers works because you can eat anything and guess what, they gave you a weekly allowance to enable you to have those things you might want – good idea wasn’t it!

As anyone who knows me will already be aware, mine is usually spent on red wine, however another thing Weight Watchers does to encourage us to move more is give us Activity ProPoints too, so we can actually earn more ProPoints to enjoy our weight loss journey!  I don’t know about you but I joined Weight Watchers because I love eating and drinking, giving me the option to do more of that and still get the healthy weight loss of up to 2lb a week is a no-brainer, pass me my wine-ometer, oh I mean pedometer!

Never forget there is no quick fix, it’s a life-long journey of getting to know yourself and what makes you tick.  It may be ‘Stick To It September’ but this is just one month in a much bigger picture and that’s what you should always have your eye on – the bigger picture, because to keep your weight off once you’ve lost it means getting to know yourself, changing your habits, learning there’s more to life that overeating, finding what makes your heart sing (trust me that isn’t just food!) – it’s not about getting as much weight off as quickly as possible!

Here’s to day 9 in my journal and a great day for all of us BeYOUtiful people. xx

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