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Saturday, 13 September 2014

And I'm feeling good...(despite the headcold)

13th September 2014
Love what loves you but never hate what hates you, for hate is the burden to exhaust the stars in you.  R. M. Drake

I feel a bit groggy this morning, this head cold needs to do one, thought it was on its way out yesterday I did!  I did have a lovely day yesterday, really indulged in a spending spree I did, it was a spur of the minute thing and I ended up in Boundary Mills and the dresses I’d paid £40 for in the Summer had been reduced to £15-20 well, let’s just say thank heavens for credit cards as I also picked up some nice tops and a pair of boots.  I enjoyed it though and it’s not like I do it very often, I hate clothes shopping, only do it when I have to, so to actually find it easy and enjoy it was a novelty.

When I joined Weight Watchers as a leader I had no idea of the impact it would have on my life, my original plan was to do a couple of meetings a week to give me something to do in the evenings, I had no intention of turning it into a full time job.  That soon changed, within 5 months I asked for a third meeting and within 7 months I’d handed my notice in and planned to do it full time, why?  Because it’s the best job in the world, so satisfying, it’s not just about getting to be part of people’s weight loss journey’s it watching them change as a person, growing in confidence, smiling more, making changing to their lives, yep losing weight does more than you realise for so many people and I’ve seen this so many times in my Weight Watcher meetings.

One example is Ben and Helen, two of my amazing members who between them have lost nearly 7 stone; Ben posted this photo on facebook saying;

“I don't normally do this and as most of my true friends and family know this is a very tabu subject for us especially me but I think after seeing this comparison I thinks it's a worthwhile share. Top one was us in London at my gold dofe presentation, in May & June of 13 we decided enough was enough and something needed to be done; The one below was us on Saturday night for Helens Birthday meal what a difference 12 months makes. Between us nearly 7 stone lost!! Thank you Beverley Longsden WW really does work!!!””

A wonderful couple who I’m proud to know, Helen’s now at her goal weight and looks incredible week in, week out in the wonderful clothes she now wears, I’m very envious of her wardrobe I have to admit!  Ben, well without telling you what gets said in our meetings because that’s always a case of “what happens in our meetings, stays in our meetings!” he’s a changed man, they were both a fantastic couple when they joined, the kind of people you like to spend time with, now he’s just happier spending time in his own company I think it’s safe to say.  It’s actually now a family affair because mom comes too and I love having them all in my meetings.

Yes I never dreamed for a moment almost ten years ago that I would become so involved with my meetings and my members that they would become my community, a truly important group of people in my life, it’s more than a job and I love it.

Sometimes though, I get that caught up in everyone else’s weight loss journey I forget about mine, I’m focusing on putting that right, I started Simple Start on Monday and today will be day 6 and I’m on it, Stick to it September is well and truly underway in this house, yesterday I had a delicious breakfast of Weight Watcher petit pains with bacon medallions, tomato and mushrooms, lunch was skipped because I was having a shopping frenzy, however when I got home about 5.30 I had a couple of slices of low calorie brown toast, whilst I cooked tea, I had the last of the beef curry with brown rice and it was delicious, so we’ll have the chicken today!  I must get it in the slow cooker before I leave for the open day at the hub.

Yes I’ve realised I do want to lose some weight, I feel slightly uncomfortable at the moment when I’m driving my car, and in the changing rooms yesterday with those surround sound mirrors, trying on clothes that decision was re-enforced.  Don’t get me wrong, I’m stilling loving the skin I’m in; we’re just in negotiations to ensure there’s a little less of it over the next few months.  I will never suffer from that feeling of not being happy in my skin, of giving myself a hard time over my reflection in the mirror, I will never judge myself on my size, I am now in a place where I realise I am not my body, I am me regardless of my size, that size at the moment just needs to be a bit smaller for my health and comfort, no other reason.  Actually there is another reason, it is nice to look in a mirror and see that the outfit you tried on fits you and looks good, nothing wrong with a touch of vanity as long as it’s not the only thing in your life that’s important.

Anyways, time for me to stop typing, I’ve got an event to get to and lots to do before I get to it!  I’m thinking a bath this morning to clear my sinuses, yeah that’ll be good, then I might wear one of my new dresses I bought yesterday :)

Have a great weekend BeYOUtiful, stay focused, remember why you’re doing it. #StickToItSeptember

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