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Wednesday, 25 June 2014

You can't beat witnessing the happy dance at the scales!

25th June 2014
Raise your words, not your voice. It is rain that grows flowers, not thunder. Rumi

You know you’re getting old when you can’t read a label without letting your eyes focus and when you sit down to write your blog and you can’t remember what you had for lunch the day before without checking Facebook first!  Yep that’s me this morning, my body may have woke up when the alarm went off at 5am but my brain is still thinking about it and my eyes too!  So what did we have for lunch yesterday, I remember brown rice and chargrilled veggies, oh yeah we had turkey breast steaks which I cooked in those maggi garlic paper things, I didn’t have to look, it came back to me, I really had to think though – oh man, senior moments are suddenly the norm. 

So yes that worked those Maggi paper cooking things seem to work with any meat/fish you can fry, I still haven’t tried using them in my George Foreman but I reckon they’d work in that too.  For tea I used up the last turkey steak and the leftover veggies and made toasties in my George, that worked well too.

I did a few hours work Monday with the intention of having an hour in the garden yesterday afternoon!  That didn’t happen ;) but I was enjoying what I was doing in my office so I wanted to get it done, I made myself stop to cook something though and eat it and it’s amazing what you can do in under an hour.  I’ve just took some salmon out of the freezer for today, thinking that with stuffed mushrooms for lunch, mmm nom nom. 

I’ve just seen a recipe for turkey burgers in mushroom gravy, that looks absolutely delicious http://loriesmississippikitchen.com/2014/06/turkey-burgers-in-mushroom-gravy.html I may have to do something based around this at some point, it looks delicious! 

I love how you can find ideas and inspiration from almost everywhere if you look, that’s why I absolutely love my Weight Watcher meetings because you can’t beat getting together a group of like-minded people in one place for one purpose.  It’s the easiest way to get ideas and inspiration, Jean Nidetch was a clever lady when she came up with that idea for sure!  Oh and of course not forgetting the sharing of success, just one example last night one lovely member went to get on the scales, she so wanted to be 11st something and the damn scales said 12st bang on, so there was a dash to the toilet, a removal of socks and pedometer and it flicked to just under, everybody in that room was thrilled for her, not just us too, there were cheers all round – WHY? Because everyone in that room knew how she felt, everyone in that room could relate to the feelings she was experiencing, the psychological importance of that half pound.  Yeah, most Weight Watchers as some point in their journey will do the happy day at the scales, even the shy or reserved members will do it, maybe silently in the heads but they’re doing it!  

It’s what makes my job so satisfying, of course, it’s not always all smiles and celebrations because life gets in the way and we don’t always lose weight, sometimes we gain for one reason or another, sometimes we don’t lose and we don’t even know why.  I sat after my meeting yesterday morning with one such lady, she’d had a great week and hadn’t lost weight and of course she was gutted, I looked at her tracker, it was fine, so instead of sulking or giving up she sat with me and we chatted and we got to the bottom of it and she left smiling.  Success takes time and changes and realising it isn’t a straight path but the destination is most certainly worth all the effort.

Right I’m off because I have another full day of celebrating weight loss with wonderful people, does it get any better, hell yeah it does – the suns only shining too!

Have a great day BeYOUtiful!

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