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Sunday, 29 June 2014

Work free weekend is making me realise I love my job!

Sunday 29th June 2014
Nothing makes a woman more beautiful than the belief that she is beautiful. Sophia Loren 

Other than an hour first thing, yesterday I had a completely Weight Watcher work free day, I didn’t go on my Facebook page or group, I didn’t do any work and I stayed away from the emails – it was weird!  

Did I get all these jobs done I know could be done – nah, but I did sort the clothes, most have been put away and there’s only a small pile for ironing, which can wait, Alfie made them his bed and I didn’t like to disturb him :).  Instead I drove to town with my sister to get a M&S meal deal, we nipped in Poundland too – you’ve got to keep a balance.  It was gone eleven when we got back and the weather didn’t look great so I settled down with a couple of X-Men films and finished the set, that’s all of them except the latest cinema ones done now, quite  enjoyed.  I didn’t enjoy the Hunger Games though which we watched later, I know it’s not real but there is too much reality in it for me, I don’t like that people have those tendencies in them, that they would watch a sport where people get murdered and call it entertainment!  Not real on this occasion maybe, but if you think about it, there are times in history when it has occurred and I don’t want to even think about what might be going on out there in the world at present, nor what the future holds.  I know it makes me an unrealistic escapist but I want happy, enjoyable television, I don’t like watching violence unless it’s total make-believe in the form of a super hero or a wizard!  Each to their own I guess.

Got my online shop being delivered this morning, I’m going to get back on track today, as I wasn’t yesterday, I made it a completely WW free day in every way, so I’m thinking F&H roast beef dinner today, then I’m going to sit in the kitchen (or garden if sunny) and do a meal plan for the week.  This afternoon I need to look at my college work too – have realised I don’t really have time to do a college course so I’m glad I didn’t take anything too heavy on because I would’ve felt under pressure and overwhelmed by the thought of it.

Already started next weekend’s online shop so that I’m not rushing it last minute, if I start it I can amend it in the week, it’s taking time but I’m getting into a routine with my shopping, that’s for sure.
Just been and made mom her breakfast and had a walk round my garden, the rain has really cheered the flowers up, my clematis are looking stunning and my passion flower has so many buds on, it’s just stunning.  My garden is my sanctuary, when I’m out there, I forget everything else, I love it, I also love that it’s continually changing, every time I go out there something else has appeared or disappeared. 

Having yesterday totally off work has made me realise how much I actually enjoy it, so it’s a good thing to take time out now and again to make me appreciate what I do even more than I already do.  Very lucky to have a job I enjoy so much and a life that I wouldn’t swap, it’s taken a long time to get here but I wouldn’t change a thing.

On that note, I’m off to make another cuppa, play a little candy crush then start my day, get the kitchen clean and tidy in time for my delivery.

Have an enjoyable day BeYOUtiful, do things that make you smile (and that doesn’t have to be overeating!)

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