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Monday, 23 June 2014

Who's up for an awesome week?

23rd June 2014

When everything feels like an uphill struggle, just think of the view from the top. 

Normally I write my blogs in the morning but its 10.16pm and I can't sleep... I've had a good day, went to meet my new area team, I was the only leader from my old area but I instantly felt part of this new team and the meeting passed really quickly.  I had to do a ten minute presentation on social media and I was last up, who’s paying attention after sitting in a scorching hot room for a few hours on what would normally be there day off!   Let’s hope the heard a little of what I say, I think I woke up back up a little anyways. One thing I definitely came away believing even more than when I arrived is that Together is Better - no one knows everything, we can all learn from each other, everyone has their strengths and by pooling those together you can put together an incredible force!  Whether it be a work team, a Weight a Watcher meeting, whatever, Together is Better. 

When I got home I spent a few hours chilling up the garden before cooking dinner and then watched Big Brother, what a group of crazy folk they are!  Together sure doesn't seem to be better in that madhouse. 

So now I'm lying in bed and I'm only a little tired because I think I had too much coffee earlier and not enough red wine this evening - on track and in the zone ain't I ;)

I feel 100% better this weekend than last, amazing what some healthy food and some down time can do for the way you feel.  I plan to do some gardening tomorrow after giving Alfie a good walk because moving more matters too.

We had tandoori salmon and actifry chips for tea, those Weight Watcher marinades are very nice.  Breakfast was a ham toastie, I had fruit today too, check me out, fruit proves I’m in the zone, lunch was a ham sandwich so I need to think more about meals when I'm out and about, all that breads not great, overall though my diet this weekend has been much improved.


Yes my first weekend of Project Priority went very well and it's evident to me that almost everyone I know could do with getting onboard with this idea. We all seem so busy and there's constantly more and more we could be doing!  Work smarter not harder I've heard a lot lately, so maybe I'll have a look at ways to do that next. Not tomorrow though because its Momday Monday and we shall mostly be chilling together, I'd try to get her out but I think it's too warm so instead I'll sit her in the shade and bring her tea ;) whilst making up some pretty planters up.
Right I think I'm ready to sleep now, it'll be morning when I post this, so whenever it is, as always BeYOUtiful xx


It’s now morning, had a very restless night, I couldn’t sleep then Alfie couldn’t sleep he’s had me out of bed a few times, think the weathers affecting him too, not to worry, I’ve managed to get some sleep and now I’m ready for an enjoyable day doing things I enjoy so I can rest whenever.  He wouldn’t even walk when I just offered to take him!  

Before I finish I want you to ask yourselves these questions if you are trying to lose weight because I had to answer them yesterday, and think about the answer don’t just ignore them, they really helped to reinstill my reasons for me.

What do you find challenging when trying to lose weight?

Why is it important for you to lose weight?

What would you like to achieve (with your weight loss)?

So there’s something to think about BeYOUtiful. make the answers and your Monday worthwhile xx

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