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Tuesday, 24 June 2014

Are you ready to attack the day..

24th June 2014
A flower does not think of competing to the flower next to it, it just blooms.

I’m loving the sunshine and enjoyed spending a good few hours gardening yesterday, just checked on my Weight Watchers esource and an hour’s gardening earns me 4pp, I was out there at least 3 before I sat down to chill!  12pp doing something I enjoy, now that’s my kind of activity, it also takes me ages to water the plants every day, I do it with a watering can not a hose pipe so I have to keep walking back and forth to the tap.  I’d realised last week I needed to start moving more, that being busy had made me lazy from an activity point of view so I’m pleased that this week’s meeting topic is along the same lines – Weight Watchers must be physic!  I didn’t wear my pedometer yesterday because I couldn’t find it ;) but it’s already one today so I can work out how much I’m moving at the moment, the dog doesn’t seem to want to walk too much at all and if he does he wants mom to take him so I’ve lost that exercise. 

Monday’s is normally my day off once I’ve done a couple of hours first thing, however it got that hot on the afternoon I decided to get a bit more done so that if it’s nice today I can have an hours lunch and sit outside enjoying the sunshine, maybe I’ll get to do it Wednesday too, highly unlikely Thursday but you never know, it depends how long I want to work Friday doesn’t it.
I’m taking this Project Priority very seriously, it’s not just my eating habits that need looking at, its everything.  I need to put a few systems in place with my work, I think I need a bit of a timetable to make sure everything gets done, I think I need to be a little more organised, I have so much more going on these days and so many hobbies/projects that I need to get myself sorted so I can enjoy them all and one doesn’t get forgotten.

Our main meal was delicious yesterday, we had smoked haddock, mash, poached egg and spinach, I poached the haddock in milk, then poached the eggs in that milk once the fish was cooked, and also added a bit of the milk to the mash to make it creamier, all Filling & Healthy too.

To make sure I don’t drink more than I’ve planned alcohol wise because let’s be honest when the suns shining and you’re sitting in the garden, it’s very easy to partake in a beer or a glass of something, so to make sure I don’t, I’ve only bought what I planned to drink before I go shopping again.  Can’t drink what isn’t there!  I’ve also bought Becks Blue (alcohol free lager) because I love the taste of lager and it’s not a bad imitation, so I’m enjoying a bottle or two of that whilst I sit outside, and that’s only costing me 1pp for 2 bottles.

I’ve just taken today’s lunch out of the freezer, turkey steaks, I think I’ll cook them in those maggi parchment papers and maybe have with rice, then for tea I think a plate of wholewheat spaghetti, I’m really liking that at the moment, I don’t even need a sauce on it, just a bit of salt in the cooking water.

My bestie lives a 60 mile round trip hence we do most of our chatting via messenger and yesterday afternoon we had a good giggle and I realised again this is something that gets missed when we’re both ‘too busy’ another reason Project Priority is crucial, a ten minute online chat with my bestie having a giggle is better than a few pints of lager ;-) and it has the same effect.
Also booked to go and see Wicked in August with my other bestie yesterday because again, making time for those that are important in your life is crucial and unfortunately because of life being so hectic, fun things like this have gone out the window.  

Yes I feel so much better starting this week than I did last week and that’s because I have decided things need to change, have I changed everything already?  No, but that decision to change is more than enough to make me feel like I can get on top of it all.

Right I’ve a car to load and a day of work to get ready for, didn’t go to bed till gone 11 (check me out!) but I don’t feel too tired to be honest, bet I’m dead by Thursday!

Have a great day BeYOUtiful, enjoy the sunshine, stay hydrated and get out there for a little vitamin D, even if it’s only for ten minutes, tis good for you.

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