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Monday, 2 June 2014

Is it really Monday already....

2nd June 2014
Nothing can stop the inevitable…. Really?

YAY, I lost 1/2lb chuffed with that, I won’t lie I’ve not been 100%, I’ve not gone crazy either, so any loss is a good loss, add to the fact I’m the lightest I’ve been since pre Christmas therefore I’m really happy with those results;

Healthy and happy - slow and steady

It’s about more than just numbers!  For me it’s about eating tasty food and having an enjoyable life, you can do both and not gain weight! 

I really have had a lovely relaxed weekend, I’m half way through my book, it’s a thick on, 650+ pages, I hadn’t realised but I’m loving it, we sat up the garden yesterday enjoying some of this sunshine, most of the hard work got done last year so I’m just enjoying looking at my garden this year.  I did my supermarket shop sitting out there too, it’ll be delivered this morning, now that’s so much easier than a drive and a walk round the store, instead Alfie and I went for a couple of walks; I find moving more is so much easier when the sun is shining.

And who’d have thought that a nice mug of tea would be the liquid of choice on a sunny afternoon in the garden and not a can of lager or a glass of chilled white wine, to be honest it never even entered my mind this weekend, I’ve just looked and it’s 8 weeks since I bothered, just the thought of the hangover would make me think twice I have to admit.

I’m actually going to do some work today; I really needed a couple of days away from it all though I have to admit.  I couldn’t work out why I was as drained and tired as I was until I woke up yesterday with a dry, inflamed throat, it feels a little better today so I’m hoping I’ve managed to avoid full blown lurgy by resting.  I would love to spend another day doing nothing but nice things but I really do need to get a few hours done before I even contemplate the other stuff, if the sun shines like yesterday I will partake of the garden, I know some of you go to work today but I manage to fit 40/45 hours in between Tuesday and Friday because of working in the evenings so don’t sit there thinking ‘lucky cow’ I do the hours trust me, I don’t stop for air midweek.  I’d love to finish my book but I think that’s pushing it, I need to write up my uni work – it’s got to be hand written, I have awful handwriting, so I need to concentrate.  I should really do some housework, but really that’s not gonna happen is it, that’s for rainy days when there’s nothing else to do!  My rocking chair project will have to wait till the weather ain’t so great too, can’t be wasting sunny days indoors if I have a choice.  

I’ll come clean I haven’t done a meal plan still for this week, although I have got some meal ideas ready and I will type them up as I have them so that I have ideas for future weeks, this was how last week’s meals turned out;

Right I’m off to get started because the sooner I start the sooner I get done! 
Have a great day BeYOUtiful.

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