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Sunday, 1 June 2014

Today I feel like celebrating amazing ladies!

1st June 2014
Don’t ruin a good today by thinking about a bad yesterday!  Let it go…

Yesterday was a great day, this time last year we were in Wales for the week, as we’re not having a holiday this year, yesterday I decided to have a ‘ME’ weekend and forget about everything work related for a few days, of course I never switch off 100% because my members ask me questions and I can’t ignore them.  However I really did enjoy my day, I spent some time on my Winnie the Pooh rocking chair, that’s coming along nicely – slowly but nicely.  I enjoyed a bubble bath to help get the glue off from the rocking chair project, whilst listening to the radio. I then downloaded a book which Graham Norton mentioned on Radio 2, called “The Truth about the Harry Quebert Affair”, and I decided I’d read that on the afternoon just as soon as I got back from my massage at the Chi Rooms which was amazing as always.  After a quick walk round the Co-op for a few odds and ends (I still haven’t finished my online shop, I wanted to see if I could use up the stuff in my freezer first), I made us a delicious lunch of southern fried chicken pieces (I wasn’t in the mood for a curry after all) with salad and roast vegetables.  I then went and sat up the garden enjoying the calmness whilst reading my book, I love sitting out there watching the birds and the bees (no pun intended), it was so peaceful.  Eventually I came in, then Alfie talked me into a long walk along the canal, then we finally sat down and watched a bit of tv with mom before having an early night, falling asleep with my book in my hands.  I have to be relaxed to read, I find it hard to concentrate, but I’ve managed to get through 132 pages which is really good for me, only another 12 hours of reading according to my kindle (it’s a thick book apparently!).

Today will be pretty much the same as yesterday, doing whatever takes my fancy, we may not be having a holiday but we can have some chilled out, work free weekends, we all need to find a balance don’t we because life really is short, it’s too precious to waste, just a couple of people who aren’t doing that spring to mind this morning, the first would be Natalie, you remember the remarkable young lady who got cancer earlier this year and had to have an hysterectomy, she’s not 10 weeks clear and because instead of wallowing she decided to do something positive, she’s now raised to raise £1,421 for Cancer Research UK!
I know sometimes people wonder if there’s any point in all this fundraising as Cancer still kills, but this research helps to save more and more people every day!

One lady who constantly makes me smile with her love of life is a lady called Liz, she’s tireless, here’s me in the praise of slow whereas Liz is all about ‘what next…” and fair play to her;

Liz is living proof you can be a long term survivor of cancer, now in her 40s, she’s been 23 years clear and has a beautiful daughter and has lived a very full life.  Even though this year hasn’t’ been great for her for personal reasons, she’s fighting through those troubles and her strength will see her through the other side. 

She’s even a little bit of a superstar these days as she’s in this week’s copy of Woman magazine talking about getting her bikini body, almost 50 and looks like this (amazing);

Yeah however you choose to live your life, because whether you like to admit it or not we all live the life we choose, make sure it’s the one you want.  If you’ve just realised it isn’t – then it’s time to decide how to change it! 

Enjoy your day BeYOUtiful. xx

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