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Saturday, 28 June 2014

Right I'm doing it! The ironing that is...

28th June 2014
Don’t just be good to others; be good to yourself too…

A weekend where I haven’t got to be anywhere at any specific time nor do anything I don’t fancy = my idea of heaven!  That’s this weekend for me and I’m sitting here contemplating a few hours of work because I didn’t get it finished yesterday I was mentally shattered and couldn’t work past noon, 50 hours was enough.  Yeah as much as I have unfinished work to do I think I’m going to ignore it and do the unfinished life stuff I have left to do like wait for it, let’s get that excitement building… ironing, I’m going to do it this morning first thing, as soon as I finish my blog, I’m off to set up the board in front of the TV and I’m tackling that mound in my room, it’s so high all the drawers underneath are empty!  Next I’m undecided, I will see how I feel, I would like to look at my college work, maybe cook something nice for lunch although my shopping doesn’t come till tomorrow so limited on the possibilities, still plenty to get a meal out of those, maybe do a cooked dinner tomorrow if this rain continues. 

Yes I’ve decided today and tomorrow are going to be completely work free, I may do some stuff Monday but only if I fancy it, I need to turn off and sort my house before I get buried under the mess! 

I did my online food shop under the influence of red wine yesterday – oops!  That bill was high, I may have to go back and have a check of what I’ve purchased ;) although it wasn’t too bad I don’t think, all stuff I’ll use and only 3 bottles of wine on the list.

I fancy mashed potatoes for lunch but I’m not sure if I have potatoes and if I go to get them I know I’ll come back with other stuff, mmm we’ll see…

Yes I like the idea of shutting the world out for a couple of days, pretending we’ve gone away for the weekend although if I was away I wouldn’t be doing house work, and I really do need to do that, at least the ironing.

I just love that my life is predictable and routine, it works for me, the most stressful decision I’ve got to make today is whether to clean the house or not and what to have for lunch – my kinda life for sure.

I’m wittering on too, so I’m going to go and get the ironing started, well after I lose my 5 lives on Candy Crush that is and had a quick hi and bye with my bestie online as she’s off to work.

Whatever you’re up to, have a good one; moms enjoying her breakfast in bed I’ve just taken her and all is at peace in our world – perfect day started. 


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