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Saturday, 21 June 2014

Project Priority - day 2

21st June 2014
The primary cause of unhappiness is never the situation but your thoughts about it. Eckhart Tolle

Well I did have a lovely afternoon yesterday, after a morning of work, I got finished by about 2ish and then went supermarket shopping, what a treat that was!  I’ve been shopping online this last month but you can’t beat a slow wander around a shop looking at food – I likes it anyway, got me lots of fruit and veggie and filled my fridge and freezer.  The rest of the day was spent chilling, first in the garden chatting with my mom then in the house watching bad tv, big brother and the like, my idea way to spend a Friday.

The me time and chilling out shall continue today, I need to recharge my batteries after a busy month or two and what better way than a 4 hour pamper session at my favourite place, The Chi Rooms, full body scrub, holistic massage, facial and pedicure = very nice, not fussed about the manicure as I don’t have nails so it would be wasted, I stop biting them every now and again but they actually annoy me when I do.

I have about an hour of work to do ready for tomorrow’s meeting so I’ll probably get that done now out of the way but then it’s a full on chill out day.  I’ve watered my plants already so later I can just sit and enjoy them.

Food wise yesterday, I settled for bread and ham on the morning as just wanted my work done and I wasn’t really hungry, on the afternoon though we had wholewheat spaghetti with char-grilled vegetables, and then later I had a cucumber sandwich, so it looks like I’m back on track and I immediately feel better for it, my body likes healthy food!

I just stopped typing to find a quote to use this morning and it’s the one that’s now at the beginning of my blog – HOW TRUE IS THAT!  We all have this inner dialogue going on all the time and sometimes we enable the “what we think” take over what actually is!  Who’s guilty of over thinking stuff and getting themselves wound up, I was doing it very much earlier this week and last week, thinking and predicting what might happen.  Over thinking is a natural part of life for many of us, even when we’re not aware we’re doing it and really, truly is there any benefit to over thinking – NO!  I found it just made me feel anxious, which is a feeling I’m not used to and I don’t wish to have it in my life either, it’s horrid.  Instead I had a good talk to myself and decided what will be will be, I can’t predict the future, I can make changes to a situation if I don’t like it and I can control my behaviour and responses to situations and that’s what I’m better off focusing on rather than making scenarios up – that’s the fast track to a breakdown I’m sure!  So how do you stop yourself doing it?  Well I just said to myself in the end “What would happen if you weren’t here” and “what will you do if all these things take place” my response was “someone else will have to do it” and “I’ll deal with whatever the future holds”.  So I realised I didn’t have to over think it, I’ll just handle whatever happens, when it happens.

Of course it’s not always that easy is it, if you’re worrying about something or stressing about what to do so then what?  Well my first suggestion would be
if you can, take action, we tend to get stuck in the ‘thinking’ phase of a problem, I find writing down my options helps, then making a plan.  Having a lot of weight to lose or even a small amount that feels like a huge challenge can get us stuck in this phase because we just feel so overwhelmed by it all.  Break it down, take that first step, that first action.  

Also challenge your thoughts and beliefs, we tend to have exaggerated or irrational thoughts, we blow things out of all proportion, so challenge that thinking, “I’ll never be able to do it?”  Is that true?  Really!

It doesn’t always help to ‘talk about it’ either, we can go over and over and over stuff too much which just revisits all that negative thinking, so maybe distract yourself instead.  It’s difficult to control what you think, but those thoughts don’t have to control you.  Be aware of your thoughts, notice when you are doing it, getting stressed or anxious about real or perceived problems and just decide to accept the situation as it is now and agree that it’s something that will get sorted one way or another, then take a deep breath.

Too hard?  Be patient with yourself, none of us can change overnight, everything takes time. Be proud of yourself for attempting to know yourself and change yourself! 

I’m off for step two of Project Priority which is total self-indulgent me time, step three won’t be so much fun because it’ll involve the stuff that needs to be done around my house like housework, but hey ho, it’s better than never doing it and living in a dump!

Have a healthy & happy day BeYOUtiful, remember your incredible. xx

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