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Friday, 27 June 2014

Old habits die hard....

27th June 2014
“The things that make me different are the things that make me.”
Winnie the Pooh!  He’s a wise old bear :)

Old habit die hard don’t they and I think that accepting this makes a weight loss journey easier, and what will help to make it even easier is realising and accepting that sometimes we choose to keep those habits for our own reasons!  For example I know that on a Thursday night I’m shattered by the time I get home, I won’t want to cook, I’ll just want to collapse in a chair with a glass of red wine, however I still need to eat.  Now the obvious thing would be to have something ready wouldn’t it – so why don’t I!  Is it because I like the idea of being able to just grab a sandwich, have the option to nip to the shop on way home and pick something up with the justification “I’m too tired and I’ve been busy” or is it so if I really wanted to I could have a takeaway and think “I’ve worked hard, it’s a treat”.  Mmm possibly all of them, which did I do last night, the sandwich option; I had a cheese and tomato sandwich followed by a yogurt so it wasn’t too bad a choice.  However Thursday is a habit I need to get a hold of, I either need to make an extra dinner on one of the other days and freeze it, or have some microwave ready meals in freezer for when I’m not up for cooking.

In the meeting last night when we were chatting, I mentioned that I still haven’t done my ironing, it’s been since about February I think, my drawers are now all empty and the top of the drawers have a big pile of clothes on top of them!   I actually realised as I was telling them that the ironing of all of those clothes actually would probably only take a couple of hours, it’s the thought of doing it that’s putting me off – in my mind I’ve built it up into such a huge deal that every time I look at the pile my heart sinks!  Then I thought to myself our weight loss journey can be a little like that before we start, we may feel like we have so much to lose and it’ll take so long to lose it that it all becomes really overwhelming and we decide not to start as that’s easier!

Whereas if we just made that first step (ironed that first dress!), walked into a Weight Watcher meeting, or something as simple as buying skimmed milk instead of full fat, or swapping our butter for low fat spread, or maybe going for a 20 minute walk round the block, anything that just means you’ve started, then next step becomes easier and once you start to see results and feel better it gets easier and you start to do things automatically and the journey gets easier and more enjoyable.

Okay, I’ve convinced myself the ironing will get done this weekend, not today as today I will mostly be spending the day in my office doing all my paperwork, I’ll be lucky to be finished before 4ish, even if I start now, but we’ll see how long I can stand in here, it’s helping that it’s raining outside!  If the rain is in for the weekend, I’m thinking ironing board tomorrow and a few X-men movies = sorted!

Then if I put a couple of ready meals on my online order this weekend, I have a solution to Wednesday and Thursday nights tea, no excuses then, if I do any cooking before I’ll have an alternative option, I want to have a good read of the Weight Watchers magazine this weekend see if there’s a recipe or two I’d like to try.
Right I’m off because I have lots to do and I want to get through it whilst I’m fresh.   Ooo quickly before I do, my lunch was delicious yesterday, tinned mackerel in a spicy tomato sauce (7pp for the can) with wholewheat spaghetti (60 = 6pp) and I had slow roasted tomatoes, I used my WW oil sprayer to spray a little olive oil over them (1pp used on all of them) then drizzled balsamic vinegar on and sprinkled with garlic salt and pepper.  It was delicious, I would definitely have it again and so easy to prepare.

Have a great day BeYOUtiful and enjoy your day. xx

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