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Saturday, 7 June 2014

It's not difficult to consume 100pp!

7th June 2014
Failure is only the opportunity to begin again, only this time more wisely. Henry Ford

Can’t beat an afternoon/evening of giggles, good food and a few drinks and that’s exactly what we had yesterday, popped out for lunch then spent the rest of the day up the garden chilling and chatting and the sun shone for us which was a bonus.

Now to get back to reality and back on track, but first to ProPoint it all and tell you how much a day off plan can cost 

Breakfast - 2 crumpets - 6pp

Pub lunch

Buffalo wings – 6pp
Bentlands burger smothered with our own Jack
Daniels caramelised red onions and melted stilton. & chips – 40pp (using guestimation based on Eat Out guide for other restaurants)

throughout day 6 lagers – 36pp

Pudding at home as we were too full at lunch time. 
Raspberry Pannacotta – 7pp (shocked it was tiny from Co-op!)
And that’s how easy it is to spend 95pp!  I thought I was being good with the dessert because the girls had chocolate brownie and cheesecake afterwards which would have been more!
It’s been 9 weeks since we had a day like that one and once every couple of months is alright in my books as long as I’m happy to take the result at the scales on Monday which I am, and I’m back on track this morning, filling and healthy all the way, might even get a cooked dinner going today.  I’m also going to get my online shopping sorted later I think, there’s a few things I need if I plan to bake on Monday for next week’s meetings. 

So what have you got planned this weekend, will you stay on track and aim towards a weight loss this week?  We’ve just had a massive thunder storm so I’m not thinking we’ll be spending much time in the garden but who knows anything can happen in the next half hour!
I’m still trying to recover from the 95pp I’ve just realised was spent yesterday, this is why I’m a Weight Watcher, it helps me keep myself in check, it’s much too easy to pretend it’s not happening isn’t it.

Anyway I’ve got stuff to be getting on with, here’s to a great day whatever is planned. 

BeYOUtiful always. xx

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