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Sunday, 15 June 2014

It's easy to promote a great product!

15th June 2014
Go the extra mile – it’s never crowded!

Wake up it’s a BeYOUtiful morning, and hopefully it’s going to be another BeYOUtiful day, the universe was kind to us yesterday at the carnival, we managed to escape the rain for the majority of the day and for that I am grateful!   Getting some rain every day also means I’m not having to water my hanging baskets which a huge bonus as that’s so time-consuming!

Well its official I’m super full of hot air, I blew balloons up for almost 5 hours yesterday and I’m amused to report that the muscles in my neck are actually tight this morning like I’ve had a workout, maybe that’s the secret to stopping me getting a baggy neck, balloon exercises! 

Anyway enough of that, I have to tell you we had a fantastic day at the carnival yesterday, here are the photos to prove it.
I haven’t been to a carnival for years and I was really impressed with how busy it was!  As I walked towards the park I had a lovely encounter with a member and her son, I said hello to her and her son asked, “mom do you know that lady?”, she replied “yeah she’s my leader” and bless him he shouted to me, “Hello M’Leader”, proper made me smile, and I thought it had a nice ring to it, bit like, m’lady made me smile anyway, because they he followed it up with, “why are you going to the carnival if you ain’t got not kids” I love how kids minds work and they’re constantly asking questions.

I was joined throughout the day by my members which was lovely, no better advertisement that a successful member and I have so many as do all our leaders, it was also great to spend time with other leaders because it can be a solitary job. 

Today I’m doing not a lot of anything, I’ve got to have put in 50 hours or more this week easily so I’m hoping for sunshine and will read my book up the garden I think, might potter a bit, might not, I will just do whatever takes my fancy today, no plans, no having to be anywhere, no answering the phone, I may even turn it off.  Mom and me are going to enjoy some us time!  I’ve just done a little Weight Watcher work, but I shall be turning the pc off soon and enjoying a day of rest.

Not only did my member AnnMarie help out on our stand yesterday for almost 5 hours she also kept me on track, I suggested treating her to her tea and she reminded me we were on Filling & Healthy so it would have to be a steak or gammon with jacket and I have to say, The Spread Eagle, Broad Lane South, Willenhall do a cracking Sirloin, so glad when we turned up at the Broadway they said it was a 25 minute wait so we didn’t stay because their steak is not that good!

Started my day well with scrambled eggs on toast that’ll keep me going right till this afternoon easily and I’ll have a think about what to have for tea later, haven’t really had time to think about food this last few days been so busy.

Enjoy your day, whatever your plans and focus on the Healthy & Happy!

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